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The print edition of Resource Recycling

For 40 years, the monthly print edition of Resource Recycling magazine has helped inform and inspire industry professionals. The magazine offers unparalleled analysis of the evolving materials stream, market turbulence, policy trends and more.

Resource Recycling print edition feature stories are available online one month after the issue is sent to subscribers. Start your subscription today to stay up to date.

Current Edition

September 2022

Q&A: Leaping into A.I., by Marissa Heffernan

Alternative options, by Annie White

Price pressure, by Marissa Heffernan and Jared Paben

Solutions at the source, by Kevin Botts

Data Corner: The ongoing decline in US scrap plastic exports

First Person Perspective: How do we empower the public to recycle more and better? by Elizabeth Schussler

Resource Recycling: September 2022 magazine cover

Past Editions

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