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Industry Announcements


Resource Recycling highlights the latest announcements from industry companies and organizations. For information on submitting press releases or contributing op-eds to us, review our FAQ page.

Recycling industry announcements

News from AMERIPEN, AMP Robotics and more

The American Institute for Packaging and the Environment (AMERIPEN) and Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) published a report on best practices for state recycling market development centers. 

AMP Robotics and one of its distributors, Agrex-Eco, launched an AI-powered robotic sorting demonstration site in Poland. 

IHS Markit published an analysis that noted plastics producers could help usher in a plastics circular economy with roughly $300 billion in capital spending on recycling capacity. 

Macquarie Asset Management will buy majority stakes in GreenWaste and Zanker Recycling, related California recycling companies. Macquarie sold WCA Waste Corporation to GFL Environmental last year.


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