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Chinese company to open South Carolina recycling facility

by Colin Staub

A Chinese investment firm is planning a $75 million recycling plant to process e-scrap, plastic and other materials.

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Research provides higher e-scrap disposal estimate

by Jared Paben

Yale University researchers estimate 3.5 million metric tons of electronics ended up in U.S. landfills in 2015, significantly higher than government estimates.

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E-scrap battery fires receive mainstream media attention

by Colin Staub

A growing threat in the e-scrap sector received national analysis this week, when The Washington Post visited a processing facility and explored the danger of lithium-ion battery fires.

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How the recycling industry fits into Ontario’s EPR plans

by Clayton Miller

A processor argues that one Canadian province’s move toward increased manufacturer responsibility for end-of-life electronics is beneficial to the e-scrap industry.


E-scrap challenges in implementing a circular economy

by Mark Burrows-Smith

A leader from a group that collects material on behalf of OEMs in the U.K. explains the ambitious circular economy targets recently laid out in Europe and how they pertain to e-scrap.


How an auction mistake led to an e-scrap venture

by Jared Paben

A small e-scrap processor in California prioritizes device reuse over recycling, a focus that yields both environmental and revenue benefits. But the company had a bit of an inauspicious beginning.

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