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Mitsubishi Materials goes all in on precious metals recovery

by Bobby Elliott

Japan’s Mitsubishi Materials is planning to invest over $100 million to boost its global e-scrap processing footprint.


Deals reached in battery fire litigation

by Jared Paben

Stakeholders have come to settlements in lawsuits over an explosion caused by batteries from used electronics in North Carolina.

legal_101117_Billion Photos_shutterstock_731642605

CRTs challenge the public and private sectors alike

by Colin Staub

When it comes to CRT management, the profit is shaky and the industry is littered with horror stories of stockpiles and legal battles to determine who pays for cleanup.

ESC17_CRT panel_lorez


What the future may hold for electronics recycling

by Carole Mars

A recent report took a wide look at the rapidly shifting e-scrap stream in the U.S. One of the study’s authors outlines the major trends determining the evolution of electronics going forward.


Scrap struggle in the Holy Land

by Anne Peters

The head of an environmentally focused consulting firm traveled to Israel and theWest Bank to witness how improperly processed scrap electronics are marring theenvironment and harming human health.

Used material awaits processing outside a repair shop in the village of Beit Awwa.

Canadian processor eyes profits in plastics

by Jared Paben

Many e-scrap recycling firms target gold and silver but send lower-value plastics elsewhere for disposal or recycling. FCM Recycling has broken that mold by devoting space to handle HIPS and ABS plastics that used to be shipped overseas.


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