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Plastics recycling group buys E-Scrap News publisher

by Dan Leif

Resource Recycling, Inc., which produces a number of recycling trade publications and conferences, has been acquired by the Association of Plastic Recyclers.

Covers of Resource Recycling Inc. publications.

BlueOak equipment on the auction block

by Colin Staub

Machinery at the shuttered BlueOak Arkansas e-scrap smelting plant is being auctioned off late this month.

Keyboard with a red "auction" button.

Tracking study provides insight into U.S. exports

by Jared Paben

Of 170 trackers placed in e-scrap devices over the past two years, the vast majority remained in the U.S. Most of those electronics that were exported went to Asia, according to the Green Tracking Service.

Laptop computer showing GPS tracking.

India to end plastic scrap imports

by Colin Staub

The Indian government says it will ban scrap plastic imports, a move that threatens to further disrupt the U.S. recycling industry by closing a growing market.

Shipping container stacked at a port.

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How the recycling industry fits into Ontario’s EPR plans

by Clayton Miller

A processor argues that one Canadian province’s move toward increased manufacturer responsibility for end-of-life electronics is beneficial to the e-scrap industry.


E-scrap challenges in implementing a circular economy

by Mark Burrows-Smith

A leader from a group that collects material on behalf of OEMs in the U.K. explains the ambitious circular economy targets recently laid out in Europe and how they pertain to e-scrap.


How an auction mistake led to an e-scrap venture

by Jared Paben

A small e-scrap processor in California prioritizes device reuse over recycling, a focus that yields both environmental and revenue benefits. But the company had a bit of an inauspicious beginning.

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