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Flow of e-plastics into China slows

by Bobby Elliott

A smuggling crackdown in China is causing headaches for U.S. companies that recycle plastics recovered from electronics.

Export issues

Chill out – and improve commodities recovery

by Jared Paben

If melting items can help combine different materials, exposing them to ultra-low temperatures can keep them apart. That’s the idea behind a new technique for separating different materials in shredded e-scrap.

E-waste, Rice University

HP discloses recycling vendors in bid to inspire transparency

by Colin Staub

HP Inc. has joined two other electronics manufacturers in publicly identifying the recycling companies it contracts with to handle material.

E-Scrap 2017


The safe way is the only way

by Rafael Reveles

Shredding operations have developed a bad reputation over the years for posing danger to workers and being ripe for regulator violations. An industry shredding expert describes some of the essential safety elements needed for a modern system.

Reveles, Dec. 2016 image 3

So you want to expand into ITAD?

by Chris Ko and Emily Gonzales

Successfully selling reusable electronics requires careful planning. Our authors provide advice for entering the business.

E-Scrap News September 2016

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