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CRT landfilling in California brings certification questions

by Bobby Elliott

As information comes to light about widespread landfilling of CRT glass in California, electronics recycling standards R2 and e-Stewards are working to determine their next steps.

CRTs_051717_Peter Gudella_shutterstock_139684729

Illinois bill ends weight-based collection goals

by Colin Staub

Major changes to the Illinois electronics recycling program have been proposed, including a requirement that manufacturers fund the recycling of all covered devices that enter the system.

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How to pinpoint the right shredder for your operation

by Rafael Reveles

With a multitude of makers and product offerings, shredder shopping can be a daunting experience. An e-scrap shredder expert provides some tips to help processors find the right equipment and configuration.

A close-up look at a four-shaft shear shredder that uses half-inch cutters.
E-Scrap 2017


Getting the lay of the e-plastics recycling land

by Bobby Elliott

Despite the technical and market challenges to recycling e-plastics, efforts are afoot to boost domestic reclamation of the relatively low-value material.

So you want to expand into ITAD?

by Chris Ko and Emily Gonzales

Successfully selling reusable electronics requires careful planning. Our authors provide advice for entering the business.

E-Scrap News September 2016

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