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Failed CRT businesses benefited from Creative’s demise

by Bobby Elliott

Property owners spent millions of dollars cleaning up CRT storage sites left behind by Creative Recycling Systems. But E-Scrap News has learned much of the glass went to companies that ultimately failed and abandoned stockpiles of their own.


Cobalt prices drive OEM’s interest in phone recycling

by Colin Staub

A Samsung lithium-ion battery manufacturing subsidiary is exploring investment in recycling companies to recover cobalt and other materials, as demand climbs for the metals.

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Firm that solves collection conundrums now eyes e-scrap

by Jared Paben

TerraCycle uses its colossal collection capabilities to funnel hard-to-recycle materials to recycling facilities, but the company hasn’t focused strongly on the e-scrap stream. That may change in coming years.

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Proprietary processes help Colt weather tough markets

by Jared Paben

A New England-headquartered e-scrap company has leaned on staff members’ education and experience to optimize processes and maximize metals recovery. That has helped Colt Refining and Recycling succeed despite decreased metals concentrations and falling values.


What the future may hold for electronics recycling

by Carole Mars

A recent report took a wide look at the rapidly shifting e-scrap stream in the U.S. One of the study’s authors outlines the major trends determining the evolution of electronics going forward.


Ensuring responsible recycling across the Great White North

by Jay Illingworth

A single industry-led group now manages regulated electronics recycling in nine of the 10 Canadian provinces. That system has led to streamlined collection and recycling efforts, and it could serve as a template for effective EPR structures in other jurisdictions.


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