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URT takes its frit powder project across the US

by Jared Paben

After a roughly $1.2 million investment, Universal Recycling Technologies is currently processing 100% of the leaded CRT glass it handles into a feedstock for ceramic tiles.

CRT glass processing equipment at URT.

Federal regulators say they will ‘restore the right to repair’

by Colin Staub

The Federal Trade Commission last week pledged to heighten enforcement actions on manufacturers that block independent repair of their products.

A smartphone being repaired with tools.

Lithium-ion battery recycler nets major investment capital

by Colin Staub

Redwood Materials, a growing Nevada-based battery recycling firm that recently partnered with an e-scrap processor, received more than $700 million in funding from various financing organizations.


A state program experiment

by Jason Linnell

The legislated e-scrap collection system in Illinois has undergone significant changes in recent years, and the results are starting to become clear. Here’s a look at how manufacturer requirements have shifted from pounds to geographic coverage and what it all might mean for other state programs in the U.S.


Creating the culture

by Tony Martins

To make safety an ongoing priority at recycling operations, training, management buy-in and smart procedures all play a role. Two industry leaders discuss strategies companies can use to keep evolving this critical area of their businesses.


Setting some boundaries

by Dan Leif

How exactly do we define the term ITAD? With enterprise needs expanding and the pool of service providers growing, that is becoming an increasingly critical question.

A phone opened for repair.

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