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Corporate giants face internal pressure on plastic

by Marissa Heffernan

Shareholders at Chevron Phillips’ parent company recently voted to approve a resolution on shifting toward more recycled plastic use. Amazon and ExxonMobil will be encountering similar resolutions this week.

Phillips66 plant seen from above.

ADS boosts profits despite PCR cost increases

by Jared Paben

Advanced Drainage Systems, now the largest plastics reclaimer in North America, increased its product sales by nearly 40% last year.

Business charts with pen, glasses and calculator.

Indorama set to commercialize PET tray recycling process

by Marissa Heffernan

Indorama Ventures is moving into the commercial stage of a project in which post-consumer PET trays are recycled into flake used in food packaging.

View of Indorama company website with magnifying glass.

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Plastics Recycling Conference 2023


Reclaimer in Focus: Southeast processor built with expansion in mind

by Dan Leif

Leaders at Macon, Ga. company A1 Polymer Recycling see China’s import restrictions as an opportunity for the U.S. to create jobs domestically by recycling scrap plastics.


Data Sort: What accounts for the higher cost of PCR

by More Recycling

Consulting and research firm More Recycling looked at why post-consumer resin tends to be more expensive than virgin plastic.

Pile of plastic pellets.

Q&A: Hitting the inflection point

by Dan Leif

A sustainability leader at Dow discusses the recent shift in public dialogue around packaging and polymers – and how it has caused the wider plastics industry to prioritize materials recovery in new ways.

Exterior of Dow building in Michigan.

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Scientists develop catalytic hydrocracking for mixed plastics

by Jared Paben

A Johns Hopkins University team has developed a catalytic hydrocracking process that converts mixed plastics into the chemicals benzene, toluene and xylene.

Test tubes in a lab.

Plastics companies, Houston sign chemical recycling MOU

by Jared Paben

LyondellBasell and ExxonMobil were among the companies that signed an agreement to advance chemical recycling for household plastic scrap in Houston.

European panel OKs PET recycling technologies

by Jared Paben

A food-safety panel approved 17 applications to use Starlinger, SML and Protec technologies to recycle post-consumer PET into food and drink packaging. It rejected two other requests.

PET bottles gathered for recycling.

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