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Partnerships put more recycled resin on the market

by Marissa Heffernan

EFS-plastics, Evonik, M. Holland and other companies are crafting partnerships with the goal of increasing the recycled resin options available to both brands and consumers.


BBB disputes claims in beverage industry PET recycling ad

by Jared Paben

The Better Business Bureau says a national TV ad from beverage producers overstated the prevalence of PET-bottle-to-bottle recycling and its resulting waste-reduction benefits, but BBB affirmed that other ad claims related to bottle recyclability rested on solid footing.

Squashed PET bottle on a white background.

Illinois bill continues chemical recycling debate

by Marissa Heffernan

A bill extending a deadline for a potential chemical recycling pilot project in Illinois is reigniting debate over how to regulate chemical recycling.


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Plastics Recycling Conference - March 6-8, 2023


The cost of transformation

by Scott Mouw and Cody Marshall

A major industry report indicates investment of $17 billion is needed to fully optimize municipal recycling in the U.S. Here’s a look at how that number was determined.

How to hit the targets

by Dan Felton

With brand owner goals for recycled plastic usage increasingly common, a study from one industry group evaluates supply and demand realities for plastic resins, offering considerations to push progress on PCR.


Reclaimer in Focus: PlastiCycle

by Marissa Heffernan

PlastiCycle is set to double its processing capacity and invest in a wash line as part of a $6 million expansion project.

Inside the PlastiCycle facility.

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A new approach to sorting PET and more at MRFs

by Jared Paben

An autonomous system developed by Bulk Handling Systems is really more of a sorting loop than a sorting line.

BHS container sorting loop rendering.

PP grant brings robot to a facility’s sorting line

by Jared Paben

With a little help from The Recycling Partnership’s Polypropylene Recycling Coalition, a Fresno-based MRF has entered the world of robotics.

AMP Robotics installation team.

How a de-dusting system cleaned up RPET sheets

by Jared Paben

Specialized equipment is reducing the presence of gels in rPlanet Earth’s RPET sheets, allowing the Southern California-based reclaimer to sell them for higher prices.

Pelletron De-Duster installed on site.

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