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Latest trade data quantifies export pivot away from China

by Jared Paben

When it comes to scrap plastics exports, 2017 was a tale of two years, with China’s import restrictions altering global patterns for the material.

Shipping vessel from above

Plastics Recycling 2018 hits attendance record in Nashville

by Dan Leif

The 13th annual Plastics Recycling Conference, taking place this week in Tennessee, has brought together nearly 2,000 sector executives. That record-high number is a sign of the widespread industry thirst for connection and guidance at a time of unprecedented market disruption.

PRC2018- registration

In My Opinion: Where is our pencil sketch?

by Nina Goodrich

At the 2018 Waste Management Sustainability Forum earlier this month, the leader of a startup called Zipline presented an idea that was quite outside the realm of recycling but that could nevertheless help to inspire our industry’s sense of strategic thinking.


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What comes after the slump

by Jared Paben

After experiencing years of low material prices, the recycling industry has finally seen a sustained uptick. The leader of ISRI and a commodities expert at the group discuss what it means and offer some thoughts on where operators should focus their attention now.

The big upsides from breaking down bales

by Dan Leif and Colin Staub

Data-management technology, export uncertainties and competition in the market have pushed plastic-bale auditing to new heights in North America. The efforts could have far reaching effects on quality.

Size reduction done right

by Rafael Reveles

An expert in shredding and granulating explains how to choose the right machine and then customize it to maximum effect.

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Study looks at number of times HDPE can be recycled

by Jared Paben

According to one product manufacturer’s analysis, HDPE can be shredded, melted and molded into products 10 times before its quality is compromised.

hdpe jugs

Equipment spotlight: Filter for heavy contamination

by Jared Paben

A new melt filter from Ettlinger is designed for handling heavily contaminated plastic loads and achieving high throughputs.

Ettlinger ERF350 Filter

Multi-layer film recyclability innovations snag awards

by Jared Paben

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation recently honored a team at the University of Pittsburgh and an R&D company called Aronax Technologies Spain for their work improving the mechanical recyclability of flexible packaging for food.

laminate pouch

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