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Plastics processors grapple with drops in pricing and demand

by Jared Paben and Dan Leif

Rock-bottom virgin prices and manufacturing shutdowns tied to the coronavirus have put a significant squeeze on plastics recycling profits of late. Some operators, however, expect conditions to start improving soon.

market graph-20200528-By Nokwan007-shutterstock_1399238852-web

Report surveys limited landscape of wind blade recycling

by Jared Paben

Groups representing electricity producers and composites manufacturers released a study exploring landfill diversion options for wind turbine blades.

wind turbine blades-20200527-By Rudmer Zwerver-shutterstock_189267419-web

Authorities hit processor with felony environmental charges

by Colin Staub

A Pennsylvania plastics recycling company has been accused of dumping pollutants into a waterway near its facility.


Q&A: Hitting the inflection point

by Dan Leif

A sustainability leader at Dow discusses the recent shift in public dialogue around packaging and polymers – and how it has caused the wider plastics industry to prioritize materials recovery in new ways.

Exterior of Dow building in Michigan.

Data Sort: What accounts for the higher cost of PCR

by More Recycling

Consulting and research firm More Recycling looked at why post-consumer resin tends to be more expensive than virgin plastic.

Pile of plastic pellets.

Reclaimer in Focus: Southeast processor built with expansion in mind

by Dan Leif

Leaders at Macon, Ga. company A1 Polymer Recycling see China’s import restrictions as an opportunity for the U.S. to create jobs domestically by recycling scrap plastics.


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How an advanced line will recycle PET thermoforms

by Jared Paben

Green Impact Plastics, a Mexican company building a $7 million facility in Southern California, is set to use optimized machinery to overcome challenges that have hampered thermoform processing.

Size-reduction tool built for large plastic volumes

by Colin Staub

The latest SMS Series granulator from Herbold Meckesheim is billed as a perfect fit for challenging applications, particularly those requiring high throughput capacities.

PET bottle label innovations achieve APR recognition

by Jared Paben

Three shrink films for PET bottles and a collection of label inks have passed recyclability reviews by the Association of Plastic Recyclers.

Most shrink-sleeve labels pose challenges for PET bottle recycling, but recycling-friendly innovations were recently recognized by the Association of Plastic Recyclers. | Jared Paben/Resource Recycling, Inc.

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