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WM agrees to acquire controlling interest in Avangard Innovative

by Jared Paben

The largest curbside garbage and recycling hauler in North America will acquire and scale up Avangard Innovative’s U.S. plastics recycling business.

Avangard's Waller, Texas facility seen from above.

Prices for scrap plastics continue to collapse

by Staff

The commodities market downturn continues this month, with plummeting prices for bales of PET, HDPE and PP.

Plastics Recycling Markets

FDA greenlights a dozen resin recycling processes

by Jared Paben

Ten companies with technologies to recycle post-consumer PET, HDPE and PP into food and drink packaging have received the federal government’s thumbs-up this year.

Plastic food trays holding fresh strawberries.

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Reclaimer in Focus: Southeast processor built with expansion in mind

by Dan Leif

Leaders at Macon, Ga. company A1 Polymer Recycling see China’s import restrictions as an opportunity for the U.S. to create jobs domestically by recycling scrap plastics.


Data Sort: What accounts for the higher cost of PCR

by More Recycling

Consulting and research firm More Recycling looked at why post-consumer resin tends to be more expensive than virgin plastic.

Pile of plastic pellets.

Q&A: Hitting the inflection point

by Dan Leif

A sustainability leader at Dow discusses the recent shift in public dialogue around packaging and polymers – and how it has caused the wider plastics industry to prioritize materials recovery in new ways.

Exterior of Dow building in Michigan.

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A new approach to sorting PET and more at MRFs

by Jared Paben

An autonomous system developed by Bulk Handling Systems is really more of a sorting loop than a sorting line.

BHS container sorting loop rendering.

PP grant brings robot to a facility’s sorting line

by Jared Paben

With a little help from The Recycling Partnership’s Polypropylene Recycling Coalition, a Fresno-based MRF has entered the world of robotics.

AMP Robotics installation team.

How a de-dusting system cleaned up RPET sheets

by Jared Paben

Specialized equipment is reducing the presence of gels in rPlanet Earth’s RPET sheets, allowing the Southern California-based reclaimer to sell them for higher prices.

Pelletron De-Duster installed on site.

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