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China: Waste restrictions will spur U.S. job growth


Chinese officials have responded to concerns from other nations about recent import restrictions. The Chinese comments directly address the “waste versus scrap” debate as well as global economic repercussions of National Sword.

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Recycling fallout uncertain as tariff battle continues


The U.S. will enact tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese products beginning July 6. Vowing retaliation, China released its own list of U.S. products to target in July.

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Flexible packaging project names sorting partner

by Jared Paben

MRFF has found a MRF. The Materials Recovery for the Future project will partner with a Pennsylvania sorting facility to generate bales of flexible plastic packaging.

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Save the date for next year!


The big upsides from breaking down bales

by Dan Leif and Colin Staub

Data-management technology, export uncertainties and competition in the market have pushed plastic-bale auditing to new heights in North America. The efforts could have far reaching effects on quality.

Dissecting meal kits to determine recyclability

by Sandi Childs

Blue Apron and other meal kit delivery services are growing in popularity, but they rely on plastic packaging that is often difficult to recycle. An industry trade group recently dug into kits from a few companies to assess the issue and serve up some recyclability recommendations.

Size reduction done right

by Rafael Reveles

An expert in shredding and granulating explains how to choose the right machine and then customize it to maximum effect.

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Panel OKs recycling processes to create food packaging

by Jared Paben

A scientific panel in Europe has greenlighted a number of processes and technologies for recycling post-consumer plastics into food packaging.

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Equipment spotlight: Picking out PET packaging types

by Jared Paben

If PET is PET is PET to a standard optical sorter, Tomra’s new Sharp Eye technology isn’t standard.

EPS insulation recovery project advances

by Jared Paben

Stakeholders are getting closer to building a facility to recycle PS foam building insulation containing flame retardants.


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