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Walmart underpaid millions in California bottle deposits

by Colin Staub

The world’s largest retailer underreported the number of containers it distributed over a three-year period in California, leading to $7.2 million in unpaid deposits to the state. The balance was paid in full late last year after it was revealed during an audit.

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Positive pricing continues for recovered PET and HDPE

by Staff

While prices for recovered PET and HDPE have remained steady or increased, post-consumer film values continue to nose-dive.

Lawmakers eye carpet stewardship reforms

by Jared Paben

A California bill mandating that carpet stewards achieve a 24 percent recycling rate continues to advance in the legislature. Meanwhile, carpet makers are sticking with their beleaguered stewardship group, instead of submitting alternative collection and recycling plans.


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Economic encouragement

by Blair Pollock and Chantal Fryer

An effort in North and South Carolina looks to boost plastic bottle recovery by showing residents the job-creation power of materials diversion. If the general public buys in, the strategy may point the way to a fresh outreach approach.

All eyes on optical

by Jerry Powell

Sortation equipment relying on X-ray or spectroscopy technology is becoming increasingly important as the materials stream evolves and recycling entities grow. We look at how optical offerings are developing to better serve the needs of operators.

Reclaimer in Focus: Birch Plastics

by Jared Paben

The story of Birch Plastics has been one of branching out. What started in 2001 as a plastics trader operating out of a 5,000-square-foot building is, today, one of the country’s largest post-industrial plastics recycling operations. And Birch is continuing to push forward.

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