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KW Plastics adds dedicated polypropylene wash line

by Colin Staub

KW Plastics in the past month started up a polypropylene wash line that will increase its processing capacity by 100 million pounds per year. Company General Manager Scott Saunders said the line will boost efficiency.

View of KW Plastics' new wash line for PP recycling

Keurig agrees to settle coffee pod recyclability suit

by Jared Paben

Keurig Green Mountain has reached a tentative class-action settlement with a consumer who is suing the company over its coffee pod recyclability claims.

A box of Green Mountain Keurig coffee pods.

Plastic pollution draws federal and global attention

by Colin Staub

The U.S. has signaled support for a worldwide agreement to reduce marine plastic pollution. Meanwhile, the EU is drafting stricter export rules, a watchdog group is mapping plastic dump sites, and researchers shared findings on the greenhouse gas impacts of virgin plastic shipments.

Flags from various nations against a blue sky background.


Reclaimer in Focus: Southeast processor built with expansion in mind

by Dan Leif

Leaders at Macon, Ga. company A1 Polymer Recycling see China’s import restrictions as an opportunity for the U.S. to create jobs domestically by recycling scrap plastics.


Data Sort: What accounts for the higher cost of PCR

by More Recycling

Consulting and research firm More Recycling looked at why post-consumer resin tends to be more expensive than virgin plastic.

Pile of plastic pellets.

Q&A: Hitting the inflection point

by Dan Leif

A sustainability leader at Dow discusses the recent shift in public dialogue around packaging and polymers – and how it has caused the wider plastics industry to prioritize materials recovery in new ways.

Exterior of Dow building in Michigan.

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Technical takeaways from two industry experts

by Jared Paben

A pair of longtime plastics recycling professionals discussed melt filtration advancements, deodorizing processes, bale supply issues and more during a recent webinar.

Close up of plastic pellets on a black background.

Here are possible recycling solutions for foam, large rigids and more

by Jared Paben

The Spanish plastics research institute AIMPLAS has written about a project through which plastics from bulky items were recycled into products using a variety of technologies.

Plastic baled for recycling.

Groups recognize recyclability of packaging innovations

by Jared Paben

The Association of Plastic Recyclers recently issued recyclability letters to Amcor and Avery Dennsion, and EU-focused RecyClass has highlighted work from tube manufacturer Essel as well as an HDPE barrier product developed by Inhance Technologies.

Spouted pouch packaging.

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