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Sonoco to purchase major rPET user Peninsula

by Jared Paben

International packaging producer Sonoco will spend $230 million to purchase a major recycled-content thermoforms manufacturer.

PET thermoform

Bolstered collection and recycling would reduce ocean plastics

by Colin Staub

A new report emphasizes improved collection and separation efforts – which lead to higher recycling rates – as a key way to prevent plastics from entering water bodies.

Marine plastics debris

Scrap plastic exports fall in 2016

by Dan Leif

Industry exports last year saw decreases in both tonnage and average price when compared with 2015 totals.

plastic exports
Plastics Recycling 2017


Going beyond collection

by Resa Dimino

Are PET thermoforms that are placed in curbside bins actually making it to market? A trade group looks into that question and provides an update on the opportunities and challenges tied to this increasingly prevalent form of plastic packaging.

PET thermoform recycling

A fresh film philosophy

by Nina Bellucci Butler

How do we optimize recycling of thin, flexible plastic? Our author says the key is thinking beyond just collection and incorporating the larger industry ecosystem.

Plastics Recycling Update, Aug. 2016

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