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PCR bottle mandate approved in California

by Colin Staub

A recycled plastic requirement for beverage container producers cleared the California legislature last week. But comprehensive legislation reducing single-use packaging failed to advance.

PET bottles for recycling.

Post-consumer plastics prices see notable changes


The price of PET took a dive over the past month, but the value of natural HDPE climbed substantially.

Plastics Recycling Markets

Sales rise for HDPE scrap consumer Greystone Logistics

by Jared Paben

A Midwest producer of recycled HDPE pallets saw a 46% increase in sales during the 2019 fiscal year.

Greystone Logistics annually recycles tens of millions of pounds of recovered HDPE into pallets. | Vikentiy Elizarov/Shutterstock
2020 Plastics Recycling Conference and Trade Show


Field trials

by Dave Lowles

The use of plastic mulch films is increasing in agriculture, but the material has traditionally been extremely difficult to recycle. A team in the Southeast is now working to develop best practices for recycling both on farms and in reprocessing sites.

The freight depression

by Ken McEntee

A shortage of drivers and other factors are pushing up costs and concerns for both buyers and sellers of recycled material. Here’s a detailed look at today’s transport trials and tribulations.


Data sort: Lost opportunities in landfilled 3-7s

by More Recycling

At materials recovery facilities, PET and HDPE aren’t the whole story. An analysis of other mixed plastics helps show the potential for boosting recovery of additional valuable polymers.

baled plastics

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Report recaps plastic bumper cover recycling project

by Jared Paben

TPO bumper covers can be processed into a high-quality recycled pellet that’s cheaper than virgin plastic, but challenges remain in feedstock collection and preparation.

Photo Caption | Kaentian Street/Shutterstock

Equipment spotlight: Shredder targets hard-to-process plastics

by Colin Staub

Herbold Meckesheim USA has released size-reduction equipment tailored for plastics recycling.

19169 EWS 60-210 Herbold Meckesheim-web

Here’s who recently received FDA recycling letters

by Jared Paben

A company was given the go-ahead to recycle post-consumer PET into multi-layer reheatable food trays. Meanwhile, a global packaging company was OK’d to recycle LDPE films into reusable bags.

APR gives recyclability thumbs up to PP additive

by Jared Paben

A market-dominating polypropylene clarifier has undergone testing to prove that it neither complicates the plastics recycling process nor harms the finished product.

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