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Why banned shipments are still getting into Malaysia

by Colin Staub

Scrap plastic traders continue to circumvent import restrictions in one Southeast Asian country by labeling recovered plastic as another type of commodity.

A row of Malaysian flags outside.

Plastic exports continue to drop

by Colin Staub

Scrap plastic shipments from the U.S. declined from 122 million pounds in January to 120 million pounds in February. That February volume was the lowest single month of plastic exports since December 2003.

Cargo containers stacked at a logistics hub.

Dow looks to double reach of EnergyBag effort

by Dan Leif

An initiative that collects hard-to-recycle packaging from the curb in several cities could be extended to another 100,000 households by the end of this year, a plastics executive said.

Exterior of Dow building in Michigan.


Field trials

by Dave Lowles

The use of plastic mulch films is increasing in agriculture, but the material has traditionally been extremely difficult to recycle. A team in the Southeast is now working to develop best practices for recycling both on farms and in reprocessing sites.

The freight depression

by Ken McEntee

A shortage of drivers and other factors are pushing up costs and concerns for both buyers and sellers of recycled material. Here’s a detailed look at today’s transport trials and tribulations.


Data sort: Lost opportunities in landfilled 3-7s

by More Recycling

At materials recovery facilities, PET and HDPE aren’t the whole story. An analysis of other mixed plastics helps show the potential for boosting recovery of additional valuable polymers.

baled plastics

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Group OKs perforated PET bottle label concept

by Jared Paben

A PET recycling industry group gave its temporary blessing to the use shrink sleeve labels with perforations, which will assist in sorting and recycling.

Deseaming shrink label on a P&G product bottle.

Unifi develops new recycled fiber products

by Jared Paben

A major consumer of U.S. PET bales has unveiled three products made with recycled polyester and nylon.

TruClean fabric from Unifi.

Company expands wind turbine recycling operation

by Jared Paben

Wind turbines generate clean and renewable power, but when their blades reach end-of-life, the options – burning or landfilling – aren’t so green.

The Corema system in place at a facility.

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