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The print edition of Plastics Recycling Update

The quarterly print edition of Plastics Recycling Update magazine is the premier trade journal for plastics recycling experts. It offers updates on the latest equipment and technology, details trends in the recovered resin marketplace, highlights the work of innovative reclaimers, and covers all the other critical industry news.

Print edition feature stories are available online three months after the issue is sent to subscribers. Subscribe today to stay up to date.

Current Edition

Spring 2021

Thermoform recycling realities: A special package of stories digging into the complications around recovering a key PET packaging format

  • Primed for development, by Resa Dimino and Catherine Goodall
  • Moving toward widely recycled, by Steve Navedo

Deposit data, by Samantha Millette and Jason Wilcox

How to hit the targets, by Dan Felton

Data Sort: The importance of decoupling recycled and virgin plastic prices

Reclaimer in Focus: Evergreen

First Person Perspective: It’s time for the circular revolution

Past Editions

Winter 2021

Colliding forces, by Colin Staub

Projects for progress, by Paula Luu and Georgia Sherwin

Foundational improvements, by Steve Katz

An evolving position, by Dan Leif

Data Sort: Quantifying environmental impacts of virgin and recycled resin

First Person Perspective: Why chemical recycling of plastics is an environmental win, by Marco Castaldi

Summer 2020

Enhancing and expanding, by Jared Paben

Steps to CircularityA special section exploring the practical steps and developing frameworks needed to achieve a more circular economy

  • Taking on the system, by Ali Blandina
  • The local approach, by Kevin Dooley, Jacob Bethem, William Campbell and Carole Mars

Maximize your retrofit, by Patrick Hudson

Data Sort: A growing preference for segregated material among buyers

First Person Perspective: How packaging decisions can make a big impact on food waste

Reclaimer in Focus: PreZero