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The print edition of Plastics Recycling Update

The quarterly print edition of Plastics Recycling Update magazine is the premier trade journal for plastics recycling experts. It offers updates on the latest equipment and technology, details trends in the recovered resin marketplace, highlights the work of innovative reclaimers, and covers all the other critical industry news.

Print edition feature stories are available online three months after the issue is sent to subscribers. Subscribe today to stay up to date.

Current Edition

Summer 2019

Q&A: Linking supply & demand, by Dan Leif

Rapid adoption, by Jared Paben

Putting beliefs to the test, by Minal Mistry, David Allaway, Peter Canepa and Jonathan Rivin

Responsible producers, by Editorial Staff

Data Sort: Export vs. domestic processing for post-consumer plastic

Reclaimer in Focus: A1 Polymer Recycling

Past Editions