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Special Reports and Interactive Features

Our newsroom provides new insight and analysis every week on the recycling industry, but some stories have ongoing relevance. Here, we’ve compiled a selection of special reports and long-read features, articles worth returning to time and again because they are regularly updated or have lasting importance. Be sure to bookmark this page to see the latest on these major issues and trends.

Coronavirus impacts on the recycling industry

By Editorial Staff

Resource Recycling is keeping track of how the novel coronavirus is affecting the business of materials recovery and processing. Here you’ll find all of our in-depth reporting and analysis on the topic.

Coronavirus image.

From Green Fence to red alert: A China timeline

By Editorial Staff

Since the summer of 2017, one international issue has been at the forefront of North American recycling conversations: China’s ban on the import of certain recovered materials. To help stakeholders get a firm grasp on the Chinese import policies, we’re offering a regularly updated timeline of events related to the market phenomenon.

China import ban

Domestic plastics recycling capacity is expanding

By Colin Staub

Export market upheavals have spurred investments from many domestic processors. Resource Recycling has created a map laying out all the activity.

Heavy lifting

By Dan Leif

Weight-based recycling targets are being downplayed by industry players who want to more effectively frame the overall impact of waste diversion decisions. But finding suitable metrics to replace current standards won’t be easy.

As North American paper mills make investments to take in additional recovered fiber, Resource Recycling is charting expansions on an online map.

Map of U.S. with various points.

How recycling robots have spread across North America

By Jared Paben

Over just a few years, robotic sorting has gone from a gee-whiz laboratory curiosity to a key technology in a number of different types of facilities.

A robotic sorting machine at work.

Recycling sector grapples with plastic realities

By Dan Leif

Should some types of single-use plastic be banned? Or is infrastructure improvement a better answer to current plastic waste concerns? A varied group of industry leaders tackled those questions on stage at the 2019 Resource Recycling Conference and Trade Show.

Here is away

Photography and story by Stiv Wilson

A photographic look at how contamination in paper bales is contributing to the problem of plastics management in Southeast Asia.

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