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Budget shortfalls threaten local recycling programs

by Colin Staub

It’s too early to say how big of a hole COVID-19 will punch in municipal budgets. But communities are already facing tough decisions about how to allocate limited resources, and in some cases, recycling isn’t making the cut.

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Texas survey to generate data on recovered materials usage

by Jared Paben

Recycling stakeholders in the Lone Star State are preparing a plan that will point lawmakers toward strategies for boosting recycling.

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Coronavirus infections impact recycling operations

by Jared Paben

A MRF serving Calgary is back at half-capacity after workers tested positive for the coronavirus, and a local program in Missouri is being put on hold as employees go into quarantine.

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Q&A: Half a century of viability

by Dan Leif

A Boston-area recycling nonprofit organization was established on the first Earth Day. A leader at the group offers perspective on decades of market fluctuations and more.

Earthworm uses box trucks for collection, picking up four separate streams of material from small-business clients.

Data Corner: The influence of hauling giants in the MRF market

by RRS

RRS analyzed MRF ownership in North America and found that over 50% of facilities are operated by one of four large waste companies: Waste Management, Republic Services, Waste Connections or GFL Environmental.

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An EPR evolution

by Pierre Benabidès and Sara-Emmanuelle Dubois

In Quebec, producers have helped fund recycling of printed paper and packaging since 1989, but overseas market shifts have recently spurred changes in the province’s policy. Stakeholders pondering producer responsibility elsewhere would be wise to understand the details.


Market realities

by Lynn Rubinstein

To help counter growing skepticism about the value of recycling, two groups in the Northeast have compiled a list of the wide variety of regional end users consuming curbside materials.


A county popular with tourists expands diversion stream

by Colin Staub

Each year, as many as 3 million visitors come through Teton County, Wyo., drawn in large part by the area’s scenic destinations. With so many out-of-towners coming through, local recycling coordinators have to stay on their toes when it comes to outreach and education.

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