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Large cullet end user coming to Southeast

by Jared Paben

A newly formed company plans to build what it calls the first new U.S. glass bottle factory in over a generation. The $123 million plant will use recycled glass.

Furnace start-up at Georgia-based Arglass Yamamura is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2020. | From Arglass Yamamura website.

Several sizable cities cut curbside recycling

by Jared Paben

In response to strained recycling markets, a handful of U.S. municipalities larger than 50,000 people have recently canceled recycling programs or reduced the materials accepted.

Jackson, Miss. will suspend its curbside recycling program effective Sept. 1. | C5 Media/Shutterstock

Fiber giants don’t expect recycled paper price movement

by Colin Staub

Executives from paper manufacturers that consume major tonnages of OCC and mixed paper recently offered their thoughts on where the recycled-material market is headed.

Photo Caption | create jobs 51/Shutterstock

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2019 Resource Recycling Conference and Trade Show


Steps to safety

by Molly Ritchie

One established plastics processor recently celebrated going five years without a lost time incident. Here’s a rundown of the methodology that led to that focused work environment.


Community Spotlight: L.A. planners juggle goals, markets and huge volumes of material

by Colin Staub

The city of Los Angeles acknowledged tough markets meant it could no longer demand MRFs pay it for every ton of recyclables, so the parties devised a risk-and-reward-sharing approach.

Every year the city collects 1.5 million tons of material.

Data Corner: What accounts for the higher cost of PCR?

by More Recycling

Consulting and research firm More Recycling looked at why post-consumer resin tends to be more expensive than virgin plastic.

Blue plastic pellets

First Person Perspective: Don’t backpedal on carton recycling

by Jason Pelz

A carton industry leader explains how gable top and aseptic cartons are being being recycled through established domestic and overseas markets.


Upstream opportunities

by Tony Dunnage

A sustainability executive at Unilever notes that huge diversion gains can be made by focusing on pre-consumer waste, a material category that includes production, shipping, merchandising and more.


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