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China ban grabs attention in mainstream media

by Colin Staub

The upstream impacts of China’s import restrictions have been increasingly covered in national and local press, raising the level of public consciousness about where recyclables ultimately end up and how that could all change.

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Group ensures a Hollywood ending for used goods

by Jared Paben

A movie studio that paid $1,500 to purchase a chair will often want it gone as soon as the shoot is finished. The L.A. Shares program in America’s second-largest city works to ensure the chair is donated instead of sent into the waste stream.

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California identifies ‘priority’ packaging for mandatory policy

by Colin Staub

Cartons, corrugate, expanded polystyrene, film and pouches are among the materials and products California officials say could be subject to mandatory packaging management rules.


Save the Date for Next Year!


The great OCC transition

by Chris Fleck

The corrugated material stream has been shaken up by skyrocketing e-commerce sales and the shuttering of retail stores. For fiber revenues to hold steady, it’s now up to local programs and MRFs to efficiently divert more boxes recovered in residential settings.

The appeal – and widespread adoption – of plastic bag bans

by Travis P. Wagner

In recent years, communities across the U.S. have implemented laws restricting the provision of thin plastic bags in checkout lines. An environmental science and policy professor explores the history and current state of bag bans.

Canadian MRF experiences a bevy of benefits from upgrades

by Jared Paben

Over the past decade, a materials recovery facility in Grafton, Ontario has undergone an incremental retrofit, bringing on new balers, a new screen system and optical sorters for fiber. And a project last year aimed to improve PET recovery.

Working together to ensure a program’s success

by Colin Staub

Through early implementation of recycling incentives and consistent outreach to involve the public in recycling initiatives, Vancouver, Wash. and its surrounding county have carved out a recycling rate of more than 50 percent over the past two decades.


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