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Resource Recycling Conference - Virtual - Aug. 4-5, 2021


Indonesia confirms import contamination limit

by Colin Staub

Recovered fiber will be allowed a maximum of 2% contamination when shipped into Indonesia, which is currently the ninth-largest market for U.S. exports of the material.


British Columbia EPR program hits 85% recovery rate

by  Jared Paben

In 2020, a producer-funded system for paper and packaging recycling achieved a significantly higher recovery rate – and spent more money – than the year prior.

Sorted materials for recycling.
ReCollect Waste Wizard

US generated 20% of world’s recovered paper in 2019

by Colin Staub

A global report charting recovered fiber trends throughout 2019 found that packaging made up 86% of the end products made from the material. The study also examined fiber generation by region, international trade flows and more.

Fiber bales stacked for recycling.
Resource Recycling Conference - Virtual - Aug. 4-5, 2021


How to hit the targets

by Dan Felton

With brand owner goals for recycled plastic usage increasingly common, a study from one industry group evaluates supply and demand realities for plastic resins, offering considerations to push progress on PCR.


Put to the test

by Alec Cooley, Eric Halvarson and BJ Tipton

A recent survey shows how the pandemic has impacted college and university waste reduction programs. Campuses have dealt with numerous complexities but have also seen opportunites to advance zero waste goals.


Impactful outreach

by Marissa Segundo

By methodically plotting a communications campaign, one Florida city recently decreased contamination, reduced processing costs and engaged residents around recycling in lasting ways.


Projects for progress

by Paula Luu and Georgia Sherwin

Closed Loop Partners has pushed forward innovative efforts to advance plastic circularity. Here are some of the lessons from work involving research, investment and pilot initiatives.


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