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Editorial analysis: Where recycling could feel EPA cuts

by Colin Staub and Dan Leif

After he spent a good chunk of his campaign blasting the Environmental Protection Agency, it was hardly surprising that Donald Trump would take a knife to the EPA budget once he was actually in office. But the Trump administration’s proposed 31 percent slash last week has nevertheless raised eyebrows everywhere, including the recycling industry.


Carton-plucking ‘Clarke’ brings robots into recycling

by Jared Paben

Using an advanced visioning system and deep-learning capabilities, a robot is now picking an average of one carton a second off a container line at a Denver-area MRF. It may be an early look at the future of materials processing.

Robotic sortation - Clarke

Recovered paper prices prompt mill closures

by Colin Staub

Climbing recycled paper prices contributed to the recent idling or closure of two newsprint mills, one in North America and one in Asia.

Paper recycling
Resource Recycling Conference 2017


Study up: Recycling lessons and connections on college campuses

by Kelly Domino

Municipal leaders can learn a thing or two from forward-thinking materials diversion efforts taking place at higher-ed institutions across the country. 
College campus recycling

Lifting more than recycling rates

by Alex Papali

A grassroots campaign in Boston is pushing the city down a path toward zero waste. Organizers hope the shift in materials management creates jobs and improves lives for lower income populations.

Resource Recycling magazine, Dec. 2016

Connecting with the future

by Margaret Derringer

Shrinking landfill capacity but worsening recycling rates — that’s what many local governments are facing these days. One sanitation district is responding to those concerns by bringing digitally savvy outreach to public schools.

Resource Recycling, Oct. 2016

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