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Local programs share tips for cost-effective recycling outreach

by Jared Paben

Streaming media and text messages may be lucrative advertising platforms for companies selling products, but they’re also cost-effective channels for disseminating local recycling program information to targeted audiences.

CRA webinar screenshot

US tallies higher paper recycling rate in 2021

by Marissa Heffernan

The U.S. paper and OCC recycling rates for 2021 were 68% and 91.4%, higher than the previous year, the American Forest & Paper Association announced in a press conference May 24.

Paper bales for recycling.

In My Opinion: Colorado’s EPR not set up for success

by Marissa Heffernan

The head of an AI-powered robotics company argues extended producer responsibility legislation focused on material weight will fail to hold producers truly responsible.

Household recyclable materials collected for recycling.

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Resource Recycling Conference


A better market mechanism?

by Jordan P. Howell, Jordan Moore and Daniel Folkinshteyn

Three researchers argue that the current system of trading recycled materials has led to inconsistencies in material quality and excessive price fluctuation. They note a centralized exchange for futures trading would benefit processors, cities and end users.


Data Corner: Propelling organics recovery in Michigan

by RRS

An analysis by Resource Recycling Systems shows just how much further advanced yard debris recovery is in Michigan compared with food scraps composting.


Waste reduction of another kind

by Larry Christley

An industry veteran describes how the Six Sigma framework can help MRF operators, local program officials and others develop leaner processes to boost margins and bolster safety.


First Person Perspective: Why waste-to-fuel for airlines won’t ever take off

by Neil Tangri

An expert at activist group GAIA says technical barriers and environmental concerns will keep plastic-to-jet-fuel technologies from taking off, despite the Biden administration’s goals.

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