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Verso mill deepens move into recycled packaging business

by Colin Staub

A Minnesota recycled paper mill conversion project has expanded beyond its original planned capacity and may grow further, company officials recently announced. Production is slated to begin this month.

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Details on India’s mixed paper import crackdown

by Colin Staub

India, the largest overseas market for U.S. mixed paper, has tightened quality standards and reduced its recycled fiber import volume.

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Recycled paper prices stay low

by Staff

Prices for recovered OCC and fiber bales are still in the dumps, but the value of natural HDPE bales has remained at record highs.

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Resource Recycling has created a landing page to house exclusive special reports and select feature articles. The online resource provides easy access to the comprehensive timeline of National Sword-related events, as well as our online map showing investments in U.S. paper mills.

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2020 Resource Recycling Conference


On the doorstep

by Kyla Fisher

E-commerce packaging has already disrupted the materials recovery system, but the seismic shopping shift is still in its early stages. Here’s how the recycling industry can start planning for more changes to be delivered soon.


Data Corner: WM revenue drop illustrates market strife

by Editorial Staff

Quarterly recycling revenue numbers from the nation’s largest MRF operator clearly show the impact of major recycling market shifts that have emerged over the past 2.5 years.

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Global threads

by Adam Minter

Donations of used clothing help keep textiles out of landfills across North America. But where does that material end up? A new book explores the system behind our worldwide wardrobe.

Maple Textiles is one of a number of companies in Mississauga, Ontario that grades used clothing destined for the export market.

Q&A: Brands’ new crush

by Dan Leif

As marine debris and other recycling concerns jostle the packaging market, beverage giants are starting to replace plastic with aluminum in some applications. A leader from the world’s largest can manufacturer discusses the trend.

Aluminum cans for recycling.

Efficiency through empowerment

by Rafael Reveles

MRFs and other recyclers can implement lean manufacturing strategies to hand more responsibility to individual employees and create holistic improvements across their operations.


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