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Indonesian import restrictions remain up in the air

by Colin Staub

A top importer of U.S. recovered paper continues to develop new quality criteria for inbound shipments, despite previous signs the country had settled on specific contamination thresholds.

Indonesia in focus on a globe.

Pace Glass: ‘I feel like we’ve been shaken down’ by local officials

by Jared Paben

The CEO of Pace Glass said his company remains on track to build a large-scale glass processing plant in central New Jersey, despite recent charges of code violations from Jersey City authorities.

An October 2018 Google Street View image of material stored at the 1 Craven Point Ave. site, with the neighborhood generating complaints to city officials at right.

Major user of recycled film says it will be buying more

by Jared Paben

Already North America’s largest consumer of recovered film, Trex plans to use considerably more in the future, according to the company’s CEO.

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2019 Resource Recycling Conference and Trade Show


Q&A: Rolling with the markets

by Dan Leif

Texas-based MRF operator Balcones Resources has been in business for 25 years. The company’s leader describes how the firm has survived and thrived in the sortation field – and how it’s responding to the factors now shaking the financial foundations of recycling.

Short circuiting the circular economy

by Rafael Reveles

Markets, freight and labor costs are all major concerns for materials handlers. But a more insidious threat looms in plain sight: lithium-ion batteries that are increasingly smaller in size and hard to remove economically.

Community Spotlight: Diversion efforts bloom on Hawaiian island

by Colin Staub

Kauai is known as the Garden Island, so named for its impressive array of green space. But the Hawaiian island’s “green” association is also visible in its robust recycling efforts.

Sign at recycling facility in Hawaii.

MRF unleashes technology on the single-stream mix

by Jared Paben

A Waste Management MRF in Germantown, Wis. sorts about 850 tons a day using people and technology, including a robot.


Data Corner: The ins and outs of in-vessel composting

by RRS

For institutions looking to compost their food scraps on site, important considerations include equipment types, capital and operating costs, footprint requirements, processing times and more.


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