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Paper processor plans $267 million pulping plant in Virginia

by Marissa Heffernan

Celadon Development Corporation announced plans to expand its North American footprint with a recycling and production facility in Virginia to export recycled pulp to China.

Chesapeake, Va. shown on map.

A new year brings higher PET and UBC bale prices

by Staff

MRFs are enjoying notably higher prices for used beverage cans and PET containers this month, with bale values rising by 14% and 10%, respectively.

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California’s diversion rate is now at 42%

by Jared Paben

California’s combined recycling/composting rate increased by 5 percentage points in 2020, but the number fell far short of the state’s goal.

California and U.S. flags


From information to action

by Sara Nichols

The formation of a statewide litter database in Texas underscores the power of pooling numbers across a region to spark better decision-making on materials management.


One concept, many details

by Karen Hagerman

A policy expert at the Sustainable Packaging Coalition explains the differences between recently enacted extended producer responsibility laws in Maine and Oregon.


Data Corner: How common are outreach apps?

by RRS

RRS recently conducted research on local programs across the U.S. and Canada, gauging their use of mobile applications for recycling education.

The other side of ‘the Sword’

by Joshua Goldstein

China’s import policy shift, announced in 2017, shook up markets for recycling stakeholders globally, but the impacts and rationale inside China have not been widely covered. An expert from academia offers compelling details.


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