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Maine EPR bills differ on producer control

by Colin Staub

Two state proposals under consideration in the Northeast get at a central question of extended producer responsibility programs for packaging: Should the government or private industry have more control?

The Maine state capitol building.

Curbside plastic prices increase sharply

by Staff

Prices for curbside plastic bales shot up over the past month, with PET bottles jumping by nearly one-third and natural HDPE notching another record.

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Haulers report boosted recycling revenues in 2021

by Jared Paben

Higher commodity prices drove year-over-year recycling revenue increases for North America’s largest garbage and recycling companies.

WM truck on a city street.
Resource Recycling Conference - Virtual - Aug. 4-5, 2021


Time to adjust

by William Turley

Market development is a key trend across recycling, but several issues unique to the C&D realm have sparked action on that side of the sector.


Real-world test

by Beth Coddington

Over the past several years, industry stakeholders have been working on a pilot initiative to see how flexible plastic packaging recovered at the curb would behave in a large MRF. Here are the takeaways.


The whole package?

by Calvin Lakhan

Advocates of EPR for curbside materials have noted the producer-funding approach encourages recycle-friendly design and system efficiency. But one academic researcher in Canada calls those points into question.


Community Spotlight: A Midwest county’s regional plan

by Colin Staub

Cooperation and coordination between local governments has helped boost materials recovery in the Green Bay, Wis. metropolitan area.


Panel discussion

By Melissa Ann Schmidt

The solar recycling sector is in its early stage of development, but it’s never too early to plan for the future. With exponential growth of PV waste expected in the coming decades, now is the time to build sustainable recovery systems for this material.


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