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The print edition of E-Scrap News

The print edition of E-Scrap News magazine is the premier trade journal for electronics recycling and refurbishment experts. It offers updates on the latest equipment and technology, details trends in electronics recycling legislation, highlights the work of innovative processors, and covers all the other critical industry news.

E-Scrap News print edition feature stories are available online after the issue is sent to subscribers. Subscribe today to stay up to date.

Current Edition

Fall 2021

People problem, by Jared Paben

Still a top priority, by Bob Johnson

Handling a hazard, by Thaddeus Puccini

The new export debate, articles by Jim Puckett and Robin Wiener

Know Your E-Scrap Processor: Technology Recyclers

First Person Perspective: Let’s protect workers from an overlooked toxin in the stream, by Diana Ceballos and Marty Alvarez

Past Editions

Winter 2021

The buyer perspective, by Colin Staub

In-house development, by Chris Hansen

Panel discussion, by Melissa Ann Schmid

Unlocking the potential, by Sara Saberi, Joseph Sarkis and Luis Kleinknecht

Know Your E-Scrap Processor: Sage Sustainable Electronics

First Person Perspective: Stewardship group ready to help navigate big changes in Canada, by Jay Illingworth

Winter 2021 E-Scrap News magazine cover