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E-Scrap News highlights the latest announcements from industry companies and organizations. For information on submitting press releases or contributing op-eds to us, review our FAQ page.

E-Scrap Industry Updates

September 2020

Teleplan and Clover Wireless, which last year merged through an acquisition, rebranded with a name change to “Reconext.”

Wisetek launched IT Asset Recovery Solutions, an ITAD service the company describes as a “direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Eriez added suspended permanent magnets to its Quick Ship Program, which expedites delivery service for some of the company’s most popular products.

Equipment supplier Tomra published an ebook detailing the benefits of using cloud-based data. 

WEEE Forum announced that the third International E-Waste Day will be held on Oct. 14, aiming to promote proper disposal of electronics throughout the world.

U.K.-based Coventry University researchers are exploring an e-scrap process they call “bioleaching,” which involves extracting metals using a bacteria.

New Zealand startup Mint Innovation plans to open an e-scrap processing facility in the U.K., using a “bio-refining” process that combines hydrometallurgy and biotechnology.

The Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) announced new participants in its State Electronics Challenge.

Michigan processor Schupan & Sons has added Wenceslao (Lao) Manzano Hernandez as a trader within the company’s materials trading division. He will be based in Japan.

Orlando, Fla. processor Southeastern Data was awarded a contract to provide e-scrap and ITAD services for Orange County, Fla.

Equipment supplier Stadler acquired a majority stake in weeeSwiss Technology AG, which designs, constructs and operates electronics recycling systems.

Data destruction firm Stellar released BitRaser, a software tool that provides data erasure and diagnostic services for a variety of storage devices.

Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) announced that the R2v3 standard has received designation as an Approved National Standard by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

August 2020

Apple is reportedly making cost-saving battery-related design changes to the iPhone 12, iPhone 12S and AirPods 3 devices.

E-Cycle Wisconsin, that state’s e-scrap program, announced that it recycled 325 million pounds of electronics during its first 10 years in operation.

Christina Rodrigues, a sales and logistics expert, has joined e-scrap refiner Gannon & Scott.

Management systems consulting firm IBEC announced it is working with a handful of clients that have obtained R2 certification.

Ingram Micro is being considered for an acquisition by private equity firm Platinum Equity.

USA Today reported that there is a shortage of laptops for sale in the U.S., because of the coronavirus and U.S.-China trade war tariffs.

Apple expanded its independent repair program to allow participating companies to fix Mac computers. Until now, the program has only covered iPhones.

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) will host a town hall event covering the R2v3 certification standard, featuring Sean De Vries of Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI).

Apple shared emails with the House Judiciary Committee indicating there is division within the company about its stance on right-to-repair issues.

Singapore technology firm Green Li-ion developed a chemical process that the company says can increase lithium-ion battery recycling efficiency.

Hyla Mobile reported that the used mobile device market gained strength during the second quarter.

Finnish manufacturer Mirka released Remint, a series of abrasive and polishing compounds that can be used to repair scratched displays.

Processor SAMR launched QuickPaq, a mail-in collection service geared toward safely collecting material from employees working from home.

Sunnking scheduled its first e-scrap collection since COVID-19 put all such gatherings on pause. The company is anticipating “record attendance” for the Aug. 29 event.

July 2020

Nonprofit processor Blue Star Recyclers launched a curbside e-scrap pickup service in Chicago in partnership with local Rotary clubs. The processor operates a facility in Buffalo Grove, Ill.

Irving, Texas processor Elite Supply Chain Solutions joined The Electronics Reuse & Recycling Alliance (TERRA) and its mail-in recycling program, Done with IT.

Reverse logistics firm Re-Teck announced it is working with wireless carriers that are disposing outdated equipment as they roll out 5G technology.

The WEEE Forum announced the third International E-Waste Day will be held on Oct. 14, highlighting the importance of repairing, recycling and properly disposing of used electronics.

AMP Robotics was included on the Forbes AI 50, a list of the country’s most promising artificial intelligence companies.

Nonprofit processor Blue Star Recyclers opened a temporary location in Basalt, Colo. and announced plans for a permanent site in the area next year.

Call2Recycle CEO and President Carl Smith announced he will retire in 2021, and the battery product stewardship group will conduct a search for a new leader.

Pela Case, a phone case producer, rolled out Flaxstic, a case that uses flax residue, biopolymers and recycled material to make up 35% of its feedstock.

The Spanish Civil Guard announced it dismantled a network that smuggled more than 2,500 metric tons of e-scrap from Spain’s Canary Islands to multiple African countries.

Zebra Technologies, a mobile electronics manufacturer, announced new initiatives including buy-back and recycling programs and a refurbished device marketplace.

The International Secure Information Governance & Management Association (i-SIGMA) is seeking comments on proposed changes to the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) AAA certification standard.

Reliant EHS, a consulting firm that supports companies with environmental, health and safety (EHS) initiatives, launched compliance software focused on the electronics recycling industry.

The Technology Conservation Group (TCG), an ITAD firm with five locations in the U.S. and Mexico, joined The Electronics Reuse & Recycling Alliance (TERRA) and its mail-in recycling program, Done with IT. 

Cascade Asset Management launched the Enterprise Mobile Disposition program. 

Dennis Ward Enterprises, which runs the Green Tracking Service, rebranded to GreenlyFocus LLC. 

The U.S. EPA announced the 2020 Federal Green Challenge Award Winners. In the electronics category, the winners were the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Western Laboratory in  Pleasanton, Calif. and the Department of Defense, Massachusetts (Barnes) Air National Guard, 104th Fighter Wing, in Westfield, Mass.

Information security organization i-SIGMA released an updated survey highlighting how COVID-19 has impacted the data security industry, including ITAD service providers.

The International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM) launched a new website.

Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) rolled out a website with the R2v3 Standard available for download. The organization approved the updated certification standard in May.

TechRepublic reported that sales of new smartphones declined 20% during the first quarter of 2020, but that used device sales increased.

June 2020

Officials from electronics recycling company Re-Teck met with a Brazilian lawmaker to discuss legislation related to ITAD and electronics recovery. The processor has operations in that country.

Certification standard organization e-Stewards announced that APTO Solutions, Liquid Technology and Sipi Asset Recovery have completed training through the e-Stewards ADVANCE+ program and are hiring new employees who are on the autism spectrum.

Phoenix-headquartered AmpleTech Refresh joined The Electronics Reuse & Recycling Alliance (TERRA) and its mail-in recycling program, Done with IT.

ERI CEO John Shegerian announced the lineup of guests on his podcast series, including a number of recycling industry voices.

Sims Lifecycle Services announced it is participating in the Circular Electronics Partnership, a group of organizations from across the electronics supply chain.

E-commerce marketplace Cashify began offering a smartphone recycling service that will pick up devices from customers’ homes.

ERI launched a commission-based referral program to bring in new clients.

Seattle processor Friendly Earth International joined The Electronics Reuse & Recycling Alliance (TERRA) and its mail-in recycling program, Done with IT.

Sage Sustainable Electronics announced the launch of TechBank, a program that accepts donations of laptops in Columbus, Ohio and provides those devices to local students.

TCO Development released a report on IT asset management, titled “Impacts and Insights: Circular IT Management in Practice.”

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) announced the new directors for its electronics commodity division are Craig Boswell of HOBI International, Adam Shine of Sunnking, and Megan Tabb of Synergy Recycling.

The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) resumed in-person audits this week and announced that virtual audits are not acceptable for determining certification compliance.

Secure Enterprise Asset Management (SEAM) joined The Electronics Reuse & Recycling Alliance (TERRA) and its mail-in recycling program, Done with IT.

The United Nations published a request-for-information for electronics processors to handle material generated at some of the organization’s facilities.

May 2020

CTIA, a trade association representing the wireless communications industry, issued its first CTIA Authorized Service Center certification to a refurbishment facility, Global Resale in Austin, Texas.

Repair organization iFixit published a database of medical equipment service resources, including repair manuals for ventilators and other devices.

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) named Adina Renee Adler as vice president of advocacy. Adler previously served as assistant vice president of international affairs for the group.

ITRenew, an ITAD firm focusing on data center decommissioning, released a Data Center Impact Report discussing the economic and environmental value of equipment in this sector.

TwoRivers ITAD Solutions joined The Electronics Reuse & Recycling Alliance (TERRA) and its mail-in recycling program, Done with IT.

ER2, an Arizona-headquartered electronics processor with facilities across the country, received “Great Place to Work” certification.

Eriez announced that Jaisen Kohmuench has been promoted to vice president-international.

The e-Stewards certification standard released a guidance document for its updated standard. Additionally, Greeneye Partners will host webinars covering the e-Stewards changes as well as the updated R2 standard.

The International Secure Information Governance & Management Association (i-SIGMA) announced its 2020-21 board of directors, which includes representatives from companies involved in electronic data destruction. The organization, of which the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is a part, also released a survey indicating more optimism in the data destruction industry in May than the previous month.

SAMR is celebrating 20 years in the e-scrap recycling industry.

Stony Brook University was named winner of the RecycleMania collegiate recycling competition for total amount recycled in the e-scrap category. The university collected more than 112,000 pounds of e-scrap.

Synergy Electronics Recycling joined The Electronics Reuse & Recycling Alliance (TERRA) and its mail-in recycling program, Done with IT.

E-scrap and ITAD firm 4THBIN appointed Cynthia Salitsky as the company’s chief marketing officer.

Canadian processor eCycle Solutions joined The Electronics Reuse & Recycling Alliance (TERRA) and its mail-in recycling program, Done with IT. 

Certification consulting firm GlenView Group will host several webinars touching on COVID-19 as well as updates to R2 and other certification standards.

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) applauded the federal Surface Transportation Board for decisions expected to reduce railroad demurrage costs. 

E-scrap processor Sunnking launched, a purchasing service to help people dispose of devices during the coronavirus pandemic. Consumers can submit devices with a power cord or battery, except for most TVs. 

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions rolled out Vision-AR, a communication headset that allows customers to receive more effective guidance from the Van Dyk service desk.

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