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In My Opinion: Big changes make for bigger opportunities

Mixed e-scrap gathered for recycling.

EPRA helps prevent electronics from ending up in landfills by providing Canadian businesses and citizens of Ontario access to secure and convenient electronics recycling options through over 2,500 drop-off locations. | cate_89/Shutterstock

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In My Opinion: In CRT mess, let’s protect the good guys

A current lawsuit focuses on which stakeholders are responsible when CRTs are stockpiled rather than properly recycled.Boonchuay1970 / Shutterstock

We may have gotten it all wrong. After almost two decades spent on setting up a policy framework to ensure that CRT TVs and monitors were sent to proper recycling channels, millions and millions of pounds of CRTs are instead stacked in warehouses across the country. Continue Reading

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In Our Opinion: Maximizing value with component harvesting

Alex Cummings and Arun Karottu of ITAD firm SMR Worldwide. | Photos courtesy SMR Worldwide

With low values for e-scrap commodities, component harvesting can be a strategy for generating more revenue for both the client and processor. It’s a strategy our company, SMR Worldwide, uses when possible, as we have the ability to process a far broader variety of IT assets at a wider range of life cycle stages compared with competitors (SMR processes assets across 250-plus product categories, including 27,000-plus unique SKUs) in our SmartERP client portal.

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