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In My Opinion: Addressing reactions to e-scrap tracking

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E-Scrap News has now published responses from five of the six companies named in Basel Action Network’s latest export report (“The Scam Recycling Continues”). In their statements, those companies have made some assertions that warrant a response. In addition, one of the company responses noted a geographic error in the recent report, and we wish to publicly correct that fact. The inaccuracy, while regrettable, has no bearing on the findings of export in the report. Continue Reading

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With demand dwindling, questions swirl around Videocon

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For years, India-based electronics manufacturer Videocon has served as a major outlet for recovered CRT glass. But the company now says it is taking in only “limited” tonnages through its closest North American partner, and former suppliers contend that Videocon has ceased production of new CRT devices altogether.

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