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Wisconsin e-scrap recycling program expanded

Published: April 4, 2024

View of Wisconsin and surrounding area on a map.

The bipartisan 2023 Wisconsin Act 108 altered the state’s e-scrap recycling program, E-Cycle Wisconsin, to include more items and to set targets differently. | Alexander Lukatskiy/Shutterstock

An update to Wisconsin’s e-scrap recycling program will modify how manufacturer’s targets are set and expand what the program covers, among other changes.  Continue Reading

Report: Device trade-ins bring record-high value

Published: February 21, 2024

mobile phones

Consumers received back billions of dollars of value from their mobile device trade-ins in 2023, a report found. | Maxx Studio/Shutterstock

The value returned to consumers for their used mobile device trade-ins hit a record high $4.3 billion in 2023, thanks to strong demand for new devices, a bump in the worth of old smartphones and other factors. Continue Reading

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NYC budget cuts hit curbside e-scrap pick-up service

Published: November 29, 2023


Mayor Eric Adams attributes the cessation of services to growing costs from the migrant crisis, among other factors. | Monster Ztudio/Shutterstock

New York City residents on Staten Island lost the option to have e-scrap picked up curbside after the mayor made large-scale budget cuts.  Continue Reading

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Online venture connects consumers to mail-in recycling

Published: November 1, 2023


A new website will provide information and recycling kits for a variety of items. |

Sustainability consulting firm Close the Loop recently unveiled, a subsidiary meant to help individuals and small businesses manage electronics and materials that are not typically collected curbside. Continue Reading

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Partnership tests out consumer mail-in recycling

Published: September 27, 2023

Stacked laptops for resale.

The pilot project will test if a consumer mail-in program can help increase reuse and recycling rates. | Plus69/Shutterstock

Pyxera Global, FedEx and TERRA are collaborating to find out whether mail-in collections for consumers can work at scale to generate a meaningful quantity of used devices.  Continue Reading

Oregon E-Cycles update signed into law

Published: June 28, 2023


The bill in Oregon will greatly expand the list of covered items, bringing VCRs and other products into the fold. | Charles Knowles/Shutterstock

This story has been updated.

Oregon lawmakers passed – and the governor signed – legislation that will add devices to the state’s electronics recycling program and also alter the framework through which manufacturers fulfill their collection obligations. Continue Reading

A heavy lift: Partners clear rural e-scrap logistics hurdle

Published: June 14, 2023


A plane takes off from Nome, Alaska with an e-scrap shipment on board as ballast. | Courtesy of Alaska Air Cargo

With a tiny population, no road access and over 500 air miles to the nearest medium-sized city, Nome, Alaska faces a multitude of e-scrap collection barriers. But a tribal nonprofit and an airline have overcome the conundrum with a weighty solution.
Continue Reading

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