Exterior of a Best Buy retail location.

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded in March, Best Buy and others halted e-scrap collection. | LukeandKarla.Travel/Shutterstock

Certainly, the past year has been one like no other. And in the electronics recycling and ITAD industry, the global pandemic was just one of many developments shaping business conditions. Legal tussles, issues around low-value materials, and commodity market volatility were all e-scrap industry realities in 2020 as well.

The list below shows the 10 most-read E-Scrap News online stories of 2020, in terms of unique page views. The most-viewed story is listed in the number 1 slot at the bottom, so be sure to scroll all the way through.

10 | Clover says it will emerge from bankruptcy soon
JAN. 23: At the start of the year, a major North American phone repair and remarketing company received court approval to restructure its debt, allowing it to move forward.

9 | Ohio landlords sue OEMs in Closed Loop case
AUG. 13: Some of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers were brought into an ongoing lawsuit over Ohio CRT stockpiles.

8 | Right-to-repair advocates make their case in one statehouse
JAN. 23: Electronics repair stakeholders clashed over right-to-repair legislation in Washington state as a number of state legislatures began taking up similar bills.

7 | The details on Apple’s lawsuit against GEEP Canada
OCT. 8: Apple claimed GEEP Canada employees hid Apple devices out of view of an e-scrap facility’s cameras, mislabeled devices as “copper bearings” for outbound shipping, and then received kickbacks for illegally reselling them.

6 | Changes coming to Microsoft’s PC refurbisher programs
JUNE 11: In the middle of the year, Microsoft indicated it would be consolidating software licensing programs, raising major questions for computer reuse operations.

5 | Here are the rules on handling lithium-ion batteries
FEB. 13: Experts laid out federal rules for transporting lithium-ion batteries destined for recycling or disposal, a topic that was becoming increasingly important in industry safety conversations.

4 | Morgan Stanley faces lawsuits from ITAD data mishap
AUG. 6: During the summer, Morgan Stanley revealed that an ITAD vendor’s mistakes may have left personal information susceptible to misuse. Multiple clients then filed suit against the investment firm.

3 | Chinese firm defaults on loan used to buy Ingram Micro
JUNE 4: Because of mounting financial problems, Chinese government officials seized control of HNA Group, the parent company of ITAD stakeholder Ingram Micro. Later in 2020, an equity firm acquired Ingram Micro from HNA.

2 | Copper prices approach eight-year high
DEC. 10: Prices for a major metal found in the electronics recycling stream climbed high at year’s end, largely driven by China’s economic recovery following its COVID-19 lockdown.

1 | Best Buy and others halt e-scrap collection due to coronavirus
MARCH 26: As the severity of the COVID-19 situation became clear, a major retailer, the largest U.S. city and a handful of other electronics recycling collection channels abruptly paused services.