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A look at where California’s CRT glass is going

Published: March 12, 2020


Data shows that the total pounds processed through California’s electronics recycling program have been falling since 2012. | Boonchuay1970/Shutterstock

This article has been corrected.

Over the past three years, fewer of California’s CRTs are going directly to hazardous waste landfills and more are flowing through intermediate glass processors, state data shows. But that may not mean more glass is ultimately being recycled.

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Three more CRT suppliers settle in Closed Loop court case

Published: January 16, 2020


A number of developments have taken place in the high-profile Ohio CRT case over the past month. | mojo cp/Shutterstock

An Iowa solid waste commission agreed to pay nearly $240,000 to help fund removal of CRT materials abandoned in Ohio, and two e-scrap operators agreed to pay lower amounts. Meanwhile, settlement negotiations continue with one of the largest suppliers. Continue Reading

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In My Opinion: In CRT mess, let’s protect the good guys

Published: November 14, 2019


A current lawsuit focuses on which stakeholders are responsible when CRTs are stockpiled rather than properly recycled.Boonchuay1970 / Shutterstock

We may have gotten it all wrong. After almost two decades spent on setting up a policy framework to ensure that CRT TVs and monitors were sent to proper recycling channels, millions and millions of pounds of CRTs are instead stacked in warehouses across the country. Continue Reading

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