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March 2017

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Community Spotlight: Recycling ambition in the nation’s capital

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Community spotlight March 2017

Washington, D.C.’s recycling collection trucks were recently decorated with recycling-related motifs painted by local artists and students.

Although changes at the White House have grabbed much attention recently, there are plenty of other developments taking place in the District of Columbia.

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Data Corner: Bolstering glass recycling at MRFs

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RRS analyzed data from field reports and primary sources as well as experiential data from MRF practices across the U.S.

The findings show that with additional stages of advanced cleaning, glass recovery can yield increases in quantity, as well as tip fee savings and avoided emissions.

In the graphic below, typical MRF glass processing steps are shown in the “Average Performance” column, and more advanced undertakings are shown to the right. At the bottom, we’ve quantified the benefits of utilizing best practices.

Data Corner March 2017
Data Corner is compiled monthly by recycling consultancy RRS.

This article originally appeared in the March 2017 issue of Resource Recycling. Subscribe today for access to all print content.