california flagReaders last month clicked on stories about cops and courts, future changes to California’s program, a new refurb sales platform and e-scrap recycling in Mexico.

The list below shows our top stories published in May in terms of unique page views.

1 | Former GES owner avoids trial with plea deal
The owner of a closed CRT glass processing company has pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy and hazardous waste charges.

2 | California plans substantial changes to its state program
It’s been 15 years since California’s e-scrap program was launched, and those years have brought significant changes to the end-of-life device stream. Now, administrators of the country’s first state program have adopted an a vision for the future.

3 | Refurb sales platform enters U.S. market
An online marketplace for refurbished devices has expanded into the U.S., and company leaders are looking for refurbishers to join the platform.

4 | BAN tracks e-scrap from Europe to Thailand
A police raid at a massive e-scrap facility in Thailand prompted Seattle-based Basel Action Network to release results of its own investigations in the Southeast Asian country.

5 | A look at e-scrap issues and opportunities in Mexico
Mexico may be America’s neighbor to the south, but in some ways, the e-scrap ecosystems in the two nations are worlds apart. And perhaps the biggest difference is the fact that in Mexico, an informal system of electronics collection and processing is well-established.

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