NOVA partnered with a company called Plastic Energy, which uses pyrolysis to make TACOIL, a branded oil that can be used to make new plastic. | RozenskiP/Shutterstock

Plastic producer NOVA Chemicals is exploring a partnership to build a pyrolysis plant to process up to 146 million pounds of scrap plastic each year.

The Calgary, Alberta-headquartered company signed a deal with chemical recycling company Plastic Energy to study the feasibility of a plant in Sarnia, Ontario, according to a press release. The plant would be the largest of its kind in Canada. 

“This agreement with Plastic Energy is a prime example of two companies working together to create timely, effective, and sustainable solutions that will help us make progress towards our 2030 recycled plastics ambitions, while diverting hard-to-recycle segments of plastic waste away from landfills,” Greg DeKunder, vice president of NOVA Circular Solutions, stated in the press release. 

Based in London, Plastic Energy has two commercial pyrolysis plants in Spain. The company uses pyrolysis to break down PE into a branded oil called TACOIL, which can be used to make new plastic. The company has worked with TotalEnergies, SABIC, Berry and others. 

NOVA Chemicals is also working with chemical recycling company Enerkem on a project in Canada. 

Outside of chemical recycling, NOVA Chemicals has also been involved in mechanical recycling partnerships. The company, which aims to make 30% of its total PE sales come from recycled sources by 2030, previously signed purchase agreements with plastics reclaimers Merlin Plastics and Revolution.The company recently announced a suite of recycled products under the NOVA Circular Solutions division.

A version of this story appeared in Plastics Recycling Update on July 11.

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