Stacked bales of mixed plastics.

A report from Google exploring plastics recovery possibilities caught reader attention in August. | maciej nicgorski / Shutterstock

Readers last month were drawn to an article about Google’s vision for ushering in a plastics circular economy, while also finding interest in stories about legislation, a prime plastic producer’s perspective and more.

The list below shows our top stories published in August in terms of unique page views.

1 | Google explores how to capture 4.5 billion tons of plastic
A report from Google lays out how mechanical and chemical recycling, a virgin plastic production tax, consumer incentives and more can increase plastics recovery over the next two decades.

2 | Senator proposes 20-cent-per-pound virgin resin fee
A national virgin resin surcharge would help improve the economics of using post-consumer plastic, according to a proposal introduced in Congress.

3 | In My Opinion: Yes, plastics circularity is achievable
A leader at plastics producer NOVA Chemicals lays out the steps necessary to prevent waste and usher in a circular economy for plastics.

4 | P&G will use chemically recycled Eastman resin
Procter & Gamble plans to incorporate post-consumer plastic that’s produced using a chemical recycling process into certain packaging later this year, the company announced.

5 | Recycled HDPE furniture producer to expand capacity
Recycled plastic furniture manufacturer Poly-Wood will invest tens of millions of dollars in its North Carolina plant.


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