View of the Evergreen facility in Ohio.

News of Evergreen’s $22M expansion in Ohio was of interest to readers last month. | Courtesy of Evergreen

PET reclaimer news commanded our readers’ attention last month, along with coverage of our Plastics Recycling Conference, opinions on chemical recycling and a growing post-industrial plastics user.

The list below shows our top stories published in April in terms of unique page views.

1 | Ohio PET reclaimer begins $22 million expansion
Evergreen has launched a project to double its food-grade RPET capacity to 80 million pounds per year. A company leader noted the initiative harnesses “the latest and greatest technology.”

2 | California provides funding to boost thermoform recycling
PET reclaimers have been awarded millions of dollars from the state of California to help finance recycling projects.

3 | Post-industrial recycler opens larger facility
Stormwater drainage product manufacturer HydroBlox has moved into a larger space and significantly increased its plastics recycling capacity.

4 | EPA hears divergent opinions on chemical recycling
If a process breaks down scrap plastics into chemicals that are later used to make new plastic, should the federal government consider that “recycling?” What if the end product is a fuel that is combusted?

5 | Online event dives into markets, policy and more
Last month’s Plastics Recycling Conference, held online, featured eight sessions over two days. Here are some of the talking points that caught our team’s attention.


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