Plastic thermoform packaging containing tomatoes.

News that Sonoco is closing a Yakima, Wash. facility that uses recovered PET drew attention last month. | Iurii N/Shutterstock

Articles about the U.S. plastics recycling rate, as well as the country’s contributions to ocean litter, drew our readers’ attention last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in November in terms of unique page views.

1 | Plastics recovery flat amid 2018 recycling rate downturn
The U.S. recycling and composting rate declined significantly in 2018, but certain materials fared better than others, according to figures from the federal government. The drop was partially due to a change in how the rate was calculated.

2 | Packaging giant closes plant that consumes RPET
Sonoco is planning to shutter a West Coast thermoforming operation that uses recycled PET, with layoffs scheduled to start Dec. 20.

3 | Study: US a major generator of plastics pollution
Despite having a robust plastics collection infrastructure, the U.S. is one of the largest contributors to ocean plastics worldwide, according to new findings from well-known plastic waste researchers.

4 | Loop Industries challenged by setbacks and legal strife
Troubles are mounting for PET depolymerization startup Loop Industries. It has lost a key supply contract and also faces lawsuits and an investigation by regulators.

5 | Investors buy PureCycle and move to take it public
PP recycling startup PureCycle Technologies will be purchased by investment firms that will list the company publicly. They plan major expansions, including a second U.S. location that will process more than 800 million pounds annually.


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