Plastic-asphalt road, Courtesy of Technisoil.

An article about a company turning PET scrap into asphalt binder was of interest in August. | Courtesy of Technisoil.

A story on Brightmark’s procurement plans grabbed reader attention in August. Coverage of film recycling updates also proved popular.

The list below shows our top stories published in August in terms of unique page views.

1 | Brightmark seeking 2.4 billion pounds of US mixed plastics
A chemical recycling firm is on the hunt for a massive quantity of plastics Nos. 1-7, material the company plans to process at plastics-to-fuel facilities across the country.

2 | How a company is turning PET into durable asphalt
A California company is using glycolysis to depolymerize PET scrap for use in an asphalt binder. The pavement it produces is stronger than traditional hot-mix asphalt.

3 | Groups recognize recyclability of packaging innovations
Amcor, one of the world’s largest packaging companies, developed a film that matches the heat resistance of oriented PET but can still be recycled in PE film streams.

4 | Here are the latest film and non-bottle rigid recycling stats
The amount of U.S. film and non-bottle rigids collected for recycling decreased in 2018, but domestic processors took in more of the material, according to More Recycling.

5 | Feds issue slew of food-contact recycled plastics letters
The FDA gave Indorama Ventures the green light to use a depolymerization technology to produce RPET for food and drink packaging. The agency also gave nods for other PET, HDPE and PP recycling processes.