New Jersey Department of Transportation workers spread recycled glass aggregate produced by Aero Aggregates over soft soil on a highway embankment. | Photo courtesy Aero Aggregates

Manufacturer Aero Aggregates has its sights set on California to help ease customer freight concerns.

Eddystone, Pa.-based Aero Aggregates of North America recently announced plans to open a plant in Modesto, Calif. next year. The company recycles low-value glass from MRFs into a lightweight foamed aggregate used in agriculture and construction.

“The West Coast production facility will reduce our client’s costs as we’ll no longer have to ship materials from our East Coast plant,” Archie Filshill, CEO and co-founder of Aero Aggregates, stated in a press release

First launched in 2013, Aero Aggregates was an early recipient of financial support from the Closed Loop Fund, which is part of recycling investment firm Closed Loop Partners. The company boosted its production capacity at its Eddystone plant in 2019. Last year, the manufacturer increased the Eddystone plant capacity further and announced plans for additional locations. 

For the facility in Modesto, which is in California’s Central Valley east of the San Francisco Bay Area, Aero Aggregates will partner with Halo Glass Recycling, a new glass processor. The plant, which is expected to employ 15-20 workers, is scheduled to open in July 2022. 

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