Last month’s news about Norpac caught reader’s attention. | Google Maps screen capture.

Paper market analysis (and a visit by President Trump to a paper mill) caught the clicks of readers last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in September in terms of unique page views.

1 | Experts talk recycled paper realities and forecasts
MRF operators, brokers and others recently discussed why fiber is still “the elephant in the room” in municipal recycling conversations.

2 | Recycling sector grapples with plastic realities
Should some types of single-use plastic be banned? Or is infrastructure improvement a better answer to current plastic waste concerns? A varied group of industry leaders tackled those questions last month.

3 | Trump to visit new recycled paper mill
Pratt Industries’ 100% recycled containerboard mill in Wapakoneta, Ohio hosted President Donald Trump for a tour, putting a spotlight on a major new end-market for recovered paper.

4 | Single-use packaging proposal on pause in California
Sweeping legislation in California that would have set aggressive recycling mandates on a range of items failed to advance last month.

5 | Norpac plans recovered paper end market expansion
A Pacific Northwest mill has pledged to bring in an additional 400,000 tons per year of recycled paper as it shifts into packaging production.

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