Empty PET drink bottles on a blue background.

ALPLA Group processed 386,000 short tons of recycled resin in-house in 2023, double what it processed two years prior, and more investments are planned. | Alenka2194/Shutterstock

Global packaging giant ALPLA Group says it is ramping up its processing of recycled PET and HDPE as it nears a target year for its voluntary recycled content goals.

In a Jan. 12 overview of past-year activities, the Austrian-headquartered plastic packaging and recycling firm reported it processed 386,000 short tons of recycled resin in-house in 2023. That’s double what it processed just two years prior, the company stated, adding that “further investments will follow in 2024.”

The company said it used 20% recycled content in its packaging in 2023 and noted it is focusing on processing even more high-quality recycled PET and HDPE in-house as it gears up to meet a 25% recycled content target by 2025. To this end, the company launched a recycling-focused branch, ALPLArecycling, in 2023.

CEO Philipp Lehner recently commented on the company’s recycling growth, explaining ALPLA is “massively expanding our capacities,” and that “the sharp increase in demand for recycled HDPE confirms our strategy.” 

ALPLA also recently reported it used 361,000 short tons of recycled resin overall in 2022 and 311,000 in 2021.

The company has PET and HDPE recycling plants in Austria, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Spain and Thailand.

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