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Boatloads of readers clicked on stories about the fallout from China’s recovered plastics import restrictions. They were also drawn to coverage of an Australian film-recycling effort.

The list below shows our top stories published in January in terms of unique page views.

1 | How China fallout is shaking recycling in California
Nearly two-thirds of recyclables exported out of California have been bound for China in recent years, and as the Asian behemoth closes its doors to those imports, the state’s recycling industry is feeling the hit.

2 | Exporter response to China: ‘We are changing our whole strategy’
A representative from a European firm that has felt the direct impacts of China’s import restrictions on recovered plastic recently offered an inside look at the fallout from the unprecedented disruption to industry trade.

3 | Stunning drop in tonnages of scrap plastics allowed into China
Export shipping containers Chinese officials have announced the first batch of plastic scrap import permits for 2018, and the volumes laid out in those authorizations represent a massive reduction from one year ago.

4 | Where exports displaced from China are finding a home
Scrap plastic exported out of the U.S. is moving to Southeast Asia, where reclaimers are dramatically increasing purchases as China closes its doors to recovered materials. New figures illustrate that shift.

5 | In My Opinion: How a TV segment spurred film recycling
The head of a recycled plastics product manufacturer describes the ways an Australian TV show lifted consumer confidence in a drop-off recycling network in the Land Down Under.