From processing capacity to policy updates, these headlines captured the most eyeballs for Plastics Recycling Update in September.

1 | State officials in California propose push toward EPR
A memo circulating within California’s waste management agency says the packaging industry has failed to offer up viable voluntary options to help the state significantly cut down the amount of packaging material going to disposal.

2 | Home decor company opens PS recycling facility
Southern California-based PTM Images has built an operation in Mexico to more efficiently bring recovered polystyrene into items such as picture frames, mirrors and other wall hangings.

3 | Bottle processing facility opens in North Carolina
Unifi, Inc. recently opened a $28 million recycling operation to feed the Repreve fiber brand.

4 | California lawmakers advance pair of plastics-recycling bills
The California legislature passed a bill requiring beverage companies to publicly report the amount of post-consumer PET they use. And a separate piece of legislation sent to the governor extends a plastics-recycling subsidy programs for one year.

5 | Closed Loop Fund targets sortation projects
The Closed Loop Fund will provide up to $5 million in financing for projects filling gaps in recycling infrastructure across the U.S.