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Equipment Spotlight: A robust dust collector for e-scrap plants

Published: December 23, 2021


RoboVent designed the Senturion dust collector to use two- and four-cartridge frames, allowing the equipment to be put together in a number of different configurations.

Equipment supplier RoboVent recently increased the scope of uses for its dust collector products. The company released the Senturion product line, which it describes as the “most versatile dust collector in the industry.”

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Equipment Spotlight: Shredder geared toward toughest streams

Published: November 18, 2021

ES2000 shredder

The ES2000 shredder is designed to shred 15 to 35 tons of material per hour, based on the material being targeted. | Courtesy of BCA Industries

Whether it’s cutting through end-of-life electronics, rubber tires, metals or other dense material streams, “The Beast” from BCA Industries provides high-volume throughput, according to the equipment supplier.

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