Screenshot of Blancco's Chromebook erasing software.

Blancco’s Drive Eraser software can now process Chromebooks. | Courtesy of Blancco

Data erasure company Blancco Technology Group has rolled out drive-wiping capabilities for Chromebooks, low-cost computers that grew in popularity during the pandemic.

The company’s Blancco Drive Eraser can now be used to sanitize data from used Chromebooks so they can be safely resold. According to a press release, the technology dramatically decreases the time spent erasing each device and allows for presentation of the operating system that’s loaded on it. After confirming data sanitization, the system provides a tamper-proof digitally signed certificate of erasure.

“By expanding the capabilities of Blancco Drive Eraser to support Chromebooks, we are now able to give our ITAD partners and other organizations the ability to ensure device data is rendered completely unrecoverable,” Alan Bentley, president of global strategy for Blancco, stated in a press release. “This capability allows them to confidently reuse or sell end-of-life devices instead of adding to the growing electronic waste crisis in our landfills.”

The Chromebook wiping capability is available to current Blancco Drive Eraser users at no additional cost, according to the release.

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