Wearwell's FOUNDATION product of steps made with recycled plastic.

Wearwell has released an industrial platform with 100% post-consumer PP tiles that workers walk and stand on. | Courtesy of Wearwell

Smyrna, Tenn.-based manufacturer Wearwell developed a platform for workers, allowing them to avoid tripping hazards and elevating them up to the level of equipment they’re working on. And the product itself is made from recycled plastic.

Called the “Foundation,” the modular platform system can be configured in different orientations, allowing facility operators to shift the platform if they move conveyors or other production equipment. The platform is also available in different heights.

The Foundation’s walking surface consists of 100% post-consumer polypropylene plastic tiles, which come in three different designs, said Phil Huss, Wearwell’s product and engineering manager.

The designs include an open, non-slip offering; a smooth one for dry areas; and a diamond plate tile with extra non-slip features.

Wearwell uses the platforms to bring its employees up to the level of its injection molding machines, Huss said. The Foundation also works well for workers sorting recyclables on a conveyor belt.

Taunya Swandal, marketing director at Wearwell, emphasized how unique and flexible the system is compared with traditional wood or metal platforms. “There’s also nobody else in that space that uses recycled content to the extent that we do,” she said.

The company is rolling out accessories for the Foundation, including handrails, skirts and toe-plates.

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