BCA Industries ES2000 shredders.

The customizable ES2000 shredder from BCA Industries can shred material into one-inch pieces. 

While hydraulically powered shredders have typically been used to shred home appliances and other white goods for recycling, newer electric powered shredders have the same ability.

Industrial shredding and recycling equipment manufacturer BCA Industries said its electric powered shredders have design advances that can provide the needed torque and chamber size to shred recyclable materials used in home appliances. The shredder can also be used on electronics, paper, plastics, tires and other scrap streams.

The customizable ES2000 shredder called “The Beast” can shred material into one-inch pieces. 

With chamber sizes from 48 inches by 48 inches up to 48 inches by 72 inches, the ES2000 shredder can provide 100,000 foot-pounds of torque per knife, and it is designed to many of the same specifications as BCA Industries’ hydraulic models for durability.

The electric unit can also use BCA’s patented Triplus system shredder “knife” technology to produce over 85% correctly sized material in one pass with less than 10% oversized material, according to the website.

It also has touch screen programmable functions and diagnostics.

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