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The 2024 legislative season is already picking up speed, and in the e-scrap sector, responsible management of batteries is taking center stage. 

Here’s a quick rundown by state of some bills that have been introduced as of Jan. 22: 


Senate Bill 175 would create an electronic product stewardship program.


House Bill 1069 would create an advisory group to consider recycling strategies for electronic smoking devices. 


HB 1972 would establish an electric vehicle battery recycling and disposal program. 

SB 2545 would amend the recycling goals under the state e-scrap program (the Electronic Device Recycling and Recovering Act) to be based upon the manufacturer’s overall market share in the state. It would reverse changes that were made in 2022, when the program switched to weight-based recycling targets.


S 554 and H 871 would create a producer responsibility program for electronic products. 

New Jersey: 

S 243 (carried over from last year) would create an electric vehicle battery management program.

South Dakota:

HB 1037 would require the producers of wind and solar energy infrastructure to create an infrastructure stewardship program.


S 254 would include rechargeable batteries and battery-containing products under the state’s existing battery stewardship program. 


HB 1553 would create a battery stewardship program.


SB 906 would fund education about rechargeable batteries and provide grants for collecting and recycling rechargeable batteries.

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