Data center drive removal.

News around the Morgan Stanley data mismanagement lawsuit captured clicks in September. | Kjetil Kolbjornsrud / Shutterstock

Details from the Morgan Stanley data loss case, a Midwest CRT cleanup, a federal e-scrap sorting technology and other articles drew our readers’ clicks last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in September in terms of unique page views.

1 | Morgan Stanley ‘ignored industry standards’ in data breach
Financial services giant Morgan Stanley terminated a contract with its long-standing IT asset disposition vendor to save money prior to a botched data center decommissioning job in 2016, lawyers alleged in court this month.

2 | CRT cleanup to begin at former DP Electronic Recycling site
Universal Recycling Technologies has been hired to clean up 1.7 million pounds of CRT materials abandoned by a closed Wisconsin e-scrap company.

3 | Feds eye industry partners for e-scrap sorting tech
Scientists at a U.S. Department of Energy lab have developed unique tools that can be used to clean up shredded e-scrap, and they want to demonstrate them to e-scrap processors.

4 | Battery recycler to build US manufacturing site
Battery recycling company Redwood Materials this week announced it will construct a battery production plant in North America.

5 | E-scrap metal notches record high value
Aluminum prices have climbed to their highest levels in over a decade, providing a boost for processors extracting the non-ferrous metal from scrap electronics.