Inside the Infinite Electronics warehouse.

News that Infinite Electronics Recycling is adding a second location was of interest to readers in May. | Courtesy of Infinite Electronics Recycling

Last month, readers were eager for info on surging copper markets as well as analysis of recycling processes for solar panels, a material some have dubbed “the new CRT.”

The list below shows our top stories published in May in terms of unique page views.

1 | Experts discuss the record rise in copper prices
The historically high prices for copper could elevate even higher in coming years because of strong demand for manufacturing, according to analysts.

2 | Solar panels are ‘the new CRT’ but sector is preparing
The challenges of solar panel recycling will sound familiar to e-scrap processors.

3 | Texas processor expands and looks to sell equipment
Gem Southwest is adding dismantling, shredding and sorting systems. Meanwhile, the Dallas-based company is auctioning off other surplus e-scrap machinery.

4 | E-scrap export ban comes before Congress again
National legislators have reintroduced a bill that would restrict the export of certain end-of-life devices. A coalition of electronics recycling stakeholders voiced support for the proposal.

5 | Processor opens facility in West Virginia
Infinite Electronics Recycling is adding a second location, growing its geographical coverage area in the eastern U.S.


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