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News that Hyla Mobile had been acquired by Assurant captured attention last month. | Quality Stock Arts/Shutterstock

Business acquisition, metals markets, reuse and CRT lawsuit articles were among those that drew ample clicks last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in November in terms of unique page views.

1 | Warranty firm buys phone refurbisher for $325 million
Hyla Mobile, a reverse logistics company that refurbishes and resells phones, has been acquired by insurance and extended warranty provider Assurant.

2 | Metals experts talk pandemic impact and forecast demand
Processors were not alone in feeling supply and demand impacts from COVID-19. Their downstream partners were in a similar boat, as three smelting and refining experts explained during a presentation last week (month).

3 | Canadian project will divert e-scrap into city infrastructure
A partnership between a wireless network provider and electronics processor will use end-of-life devices to produce new “smart” utility poles.

4 | Refurbishers scramble after Microsoft shifts license structure
PCs for People is among the organizations that have started reselling software keys to companies that were left in the lurch when Microsoft eliminated its refurbisher program in October.

5 | Major OEM settles in Closed Loop cleanup case
Sony Electronics agreed to pay $1.2 million to settle allegations that the company is liable for CRT materials abandoned by Closed Loop Refining and Recovery.


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