Open lock against a green binary code screen.

News about a data mismanagement incident caught attention last month. | Chim/Shutterstock

A variety of articles drew our readers’ attention last month, including those covering a high-profile data loss, CRT lawsuit against OEMs, processor acquisitions and more.

The list below shows our top stories published in August in terms of unique page views.

1 | Morgan Stanley faces lawsuits from ITAD data mishap
Financial institution Morgan Stanley recently told customers an ITAD vendor’s mistakes may have left personal information susceptible to misuse. Multiple clients have filed suit against the investment firm.

2 | Ohio landlords sue OEMs in Closed Loop case
Some of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers are now being sued over Closed Loop Refining and Recovery’s Ohio CRT stockpiles.

3 | Specialty waste company acquires e-scrap operations
Harsco Corporation over the past year made two acquisitions that brought the company into the electronics recycling space, according to its annual sustainability report.

4 | Feds confirm they will stop buying used computers
Despite hearing objections from refurbished equipment dealers, the U.S. General Services Administration will finalize its decision to halt government purchases of used and refurbished computers.

5 | Lawsuits pile on after ITAD vendor’s data mismanagement
Morgan Stanley faces seven class action lawsuits related to an ITAD vendor’s alleged lapse in data security protocols, and the financial institution is considering legal action against the unnamed processor.