Taping a box for shipping.

An article about the growth of mail-in e-scrap collection during the pandemic was highly read in July. | mdbildes/Shutterstock

A perspective piece on rare earth recycling, the fallout from two failed CRT firms, a processor’s growth and mail-in collections drew readers’ attention last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in July in terms of unique page views.

1 | In My Opinion: Can North America catch up on rare earths?
A battery recycling company leader explains how China has dominated the global production of rare earth elements, but he says North America can secure supplies of these crucial materials by embracing battery recycling.

2 | Former CRT firm leaders and bank face fraud accusations
Shuttered e-scrap company 5R Processors has been at the center of a stockpiling saga. Now, a former state senator in Wisconsin says executives from the company duped him into backing the firm in 2013.

3 | Abandoned Closed Loop material seems destined for disposal
Consultants estimate that recycling 30 million pounds of CRT glass at an Ohio warehouse would add $1.7 million to a $5 million cleanup bill, so they’re proposing to landfill the glass instead.

4 | Processor to expand after buying ECS shredding system
Powerhouse Recycling will spend over $4 million to expand its North Carolina campus, providing space for an advanced shredding and separation system the company bought at auction.

5 | For more processors, ‘mailing it in’ means opportunity
The coronavirus pandemic has strained e-scrap collection, but that’s opening the door to an alternative recovery system that minimizes contact between people.


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