News about federal rules for transporting lithium-ion batteries captured clicks in February. | XH2/Shutterstock

Last month, readers were drawn most to an article outlining proper handling steps for lithium-ion batteries. An update on Apple’s repair program also grabbed attention.

The list below shows our top stories published in February in terms of unique page views.

1 | Here are the rules on handling lithium-ion batteries
Batteries from consumer electronics are being increasingly regulated because they can be a problematic material in the recycling stream. Experts recently laid out federal rules for transporting lithium-ion batteries destined for recycling or disposal.

2 | Apple contract reveals repair program details
Documents obtained by Motherboard show just how onerous the requirements will be for repair shops wanting to participate in Apple’s new Independent Repair Program.

3 | Favorable market conditions drive smelter profits
Umicore enjoyed greater profits last year thanks in part to higher metals prices and China’s e-scrap imports crackdown, which increased the global supply of circuit board scrap.

4 | ITAD firm expands footprint into Northeast
SMR Worldwide has opened an electronics processing facility near Boston, the latest expansion for the fast-growing ITAD services provider.

5 | Computer manufacturer partners with Free Geek Toronto
A global OEM is working with a nonprofit recycling organization to get returned devices refurbished for reuse by individuals that otherwise wouldn’t have access to them.