E-Scrap News readers in September were overwhelmingly drawn to coverage of a lawsuit targeting Closed Loop Refining and Recovery and two of its CRT material suppliers.

The list below shows our top stories published in September in terms of unique page views.

1 | Federal suit targets Closed Loop and suppliers
A lawsuit accuses Closed Loop Refining and Recovery, Kuusakoski, and UNICOR of being responsible for a “sham recycling scheme” that led to the abandonment of over 100 million pounds of CRT material in Columbus, Ohio.

2 | Nulife closing down and giving up on US business
Nulife Glass, a company that built its own furnace to recycle CRT glass in the U.S., has decided to close.

3 | Metals recovery method comes to the US
A unique, non-toxic leaching technology that’s been deployed in Canada is set to roll out at the site of an electronics manufacturer in Tennessee.

4 | One OEM’s role in sending CRT glass to Closed Loop
There was some level of OEM influence in an e-scrap company’s decision to send tens of millions of pounds of CRT glass to the ill-fated Closed Loop Refining and Recovery, statements from Kuusakoski and Sony show.

5 | Tracking project accuses more companies of e-scrap exports
Seven e-scrap entities have been accused of questionable downstream practices by the Basel Action Network, after tracking devices showed they were involved in moving materials that were eventually exported to developing countries.