CRT panel glassStories on the disposition of CRT glass in California and a legal battle over a battery fire drew our readers’ attention last month.

The list below shows our top stories last month in terms of unique page views.

1 | Landfilling CRT glass becomes the norm in California
Firms active in California’s electronics recycling program increasingly turned to landfill disposal for CRT material in 2016.

2 | E-scrap battery fire leads to lawsuit
A trucking company is suing two electronics recycling firms and a logistics provider, claiming they were responsible for a battery explosion and fire that injured employees and damaged property.

3 | Arrests and delays mark first weeks of ‘second Green Fence’
China’s recent crackdown on imports of e-scrap and other materials has exposed smuggling operations, led to dozens of arrests and resulted in the confiscation of more than 22,000 tons of material.

4 | HP discloses recycling vendors in bid to inspire transparency
HP Inc. has joined two other electronics manufacturers in publicly identifying the recycling companies it contracts with to handle material.

5 | NAID: personal data abounds on ‘wiped’ devices
The largest probe to date of used devices supposedly scrubbed of their data found that 40 percent still retained some amount of personal information.


Hanwa Greeneye