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In My Opinion: Use IR detection to help prevent fires

Published: May 8, 2023


David C. Bursell of MoviTHERM believes infrared technology is a game changer for protecting the lives of workers and avoiding property damage at recycling facilities. | Piotr Zajda/Shutterstock

This op-ed has been updated.

Waste and recycling facilities are crucial in handling the world’s growing waste streams, but they pose a significant risk of fires. Continue Reading

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In My Opinion: EPR can shift recycling into high gear

Published: February 6, 2023


Dylan de Thomas with The Recycling Partnership believes that EPR policies could help the U.S. achieve higher recycling rates. | vvoe/Shutterstock

The last several years have been a real roller coaster ride in the news for recycling, with the industry being called all manner of pejoratives, up to and including “dead.”

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