Baled plastic film for recycling.

The acquisition is an extension of Revolution’s work and vision, company CEO Sean Whiteley said. | Vojtaz/Shutterstock

U.S.-based Revolution Sustainable Solutions expanded its film recycling network with the acquisition of Canadian company PolyAg Recycling. 

PolyAg began mechanically recycling agricultural film in 2019. Canada has various extended producer responsibility (EPR) and product stewardship programs mandating the recycling of ag films and in Alberta, where PolyAg is based, an EPR program went into effect in 2022, driving more business for the company, a press release noted.

Sean Whiteley, CEO of Revolution, told Plastics Recycling Update that the team is “excited about PolyAg, about the reputation they have in the market and what they have established in Canada.” 

“They’re kind of the go-to recycler for ag film,” he said, adding that “it’s just a great hand-in-glove fit for our closed loop sustainable solutions that we’ve been championing for 25 years.” 

Revolution recycles hundreds of millions of pounds of film yearly at its various facilities, and the acquisition “gives us an additional facility in Canada to allow us to effectively recycle,” Whiteley said. The company is not disclosing the financial terms of the transaction. 

Whiteley noted that EPR laws help build on Revolution’s vision for circular plastic solutions. 

“We are generally champions of EPR,” Whiteley said. “We believe that both consumers and manufacturers of plastic material have a responsibility to ensure that there is adequate infrastructure and an adequate plan for the end-of-life or second life of that material. Our entire business model is built on repurposing plastic and making plastic a renewable resource.”

Looking forward, Whiteley said the plan is to expand PolyAg’s capacity and continue to acquire companies that fit its vision. 

“Our entire business model is built around sustainability. It’s really all we do – create what we call sustainability ecosystems for our customers and our communities,” he said, adding that “we intend to expand PolyAg over time as we roll out additional closed loop services to the farming and growing community of Canada, and we also have a robust pipeline of additional acquisition targets that will continue to augment the sustainable circular solutions product offerings that are the heartbeat of our company.” 

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