The bag, which has up to 30% PCR, is for Andy Boy romaine hearts. | Courtesy of Emerald Packaging

Flexible packaging company Emerald Packaging has released a plastic bag for romaine hearts that has up to 30% PCR. 

Developed for D’Arrigo California, which sells produce under the Andy Boy label, it’s an increase from the 5% PCR bags D’Arrigo California had been using since the start of the year for some of its romaine hearts. 

The PCR comes from Circulus Holdings, a Houston-based company that mechanically recycles LDPE and has a U.S. FDA letter of no objection

Kevin Kelly, Emerald Packaging CEO, said in a press release that the bag helps “take critical steps towards achieving sustainability while doing so affordably.” Emerald has been working to boost its use of PCR.

D’Arrigo California has also reduced the amount of plastic used in its romaine packaging by 25% over the past few years, including eliminating the zipper. 

John D’Arrigo, president and CEO of D’Arrigo California, said increasing PCR in the bags “exemplifies our unwavering commitment to sustainability.” 

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