Netafim USA aims to provide farmers with a destination for their end-of-life tubing materials. | Diyana Dimitrova/Shutterstock

Netafim USA is encouraging farmers to improve the circularity of plastic agricultural dripline materials by offering a recycling certification program. 

The Netafim ReGen AgVantage certification program, which launched in partnership with Braga Fresh and Church Brothers Farms, sets a standard for Netafim’s grower partners who have “demonstrated a commitment to sustainability by working with the company to reduce dripline plastic waste and minimize their environmental impact,” a press release noted.  

The hope is to encourage more growers to join in and recycle used dripline materials and to create a closed-loop recycling process. 

Netafim in 2007 opened its California ReGen Recycling facility, which processes end-of-life drip irrigation tubing into new tubing using a proprietary process. The facility was certified through SCS Global Services in 2023 as a certified plastics recycling facility and as a user of certified recycled content. 

Now, Netafim is offering the opportunity for growers and shippers to be recognized as certified irrigation plastics recyclers if they meet certain requirements. 

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