Several significant players in the plastics industry have made recent additive-related announcements. | Kirkam/Shutterstock

ExxonMobil, Polyvel and Techmer have all made recent investments in additive technology, including new HDPE grades, additives and acquisitions. 

Oil and gas giant ExxonMobil recently developed HD7165L, a grade of HDPE meant for machine direction oriented PE film applications. 

“Designed for recyclability, HD7165L can help converters create mono-material laminates to replace multi-material laminate structures which can be difficult to mechanically recycle,” a press release noted. These challenging structures can be found in packaging for nuts, crackers, condiments, granola bars and potato chips.

The newly marketed HDPE grade can help converters make blown films with 60% to 70% HDPE for better stiffness and heat resistance, as well as less than 10% haze and more than 60% gloss. HD7165L offers “high, uniform orientation, gauge stability and low gels for easy processability,” the press release noted. 

Nilesh Savargaonkar, a principal customer and application development engineer, said the development of the grade was driven by market demand. 

Turning to the world of PET, Polyvel released a new additive in its line of ReVal masterbatches. The rBOOST PET chain extender increases the intrinsic viscosity and impact strength of recycled PET, meaning more RPET can be used in products. It also reduces the yellowness index, a press release stated. 

The additive can be used in compounding, fiber, extruded sheet, injection molding and blow molded bottles. 

“Where the application demands it, rBoost provides it,” the press release noted. 

In the realm of acquisitions, polymer material design company Techmer PM purchased Georgia-based Advanced Color Technologies in order to strengthen Techmer’s synthetic fiber colorant and additive capabilities. 

According to a press release, the deal is expected to close Aug. 31, and terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The acquisition will help the companies expand their sales, marketing, technology and manufacturing capabilities as part of Techmer’s strategic plan to grow its markets in “attractive, technology-oriented industries.”

“This acquisition demonstrates Techmer’s commitment to the fibers and plastics industries through investment in high-quality people and assets to stimulate continued innovation,” the press release stated. 

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