The proposed rules would bar products from using the chasing arrows symbol unless 80% of Canadians in the region of sale have access to systems that can process them. | Valeriya Bogdanova100/Shutterstock

The Canadian government opened the comment period for its latest round of regulations on PCR and product labeling. 

That includes a regulatory framework that will serve as a starting point for proposed plastic labeling and recycled-content regulations as well as a technical paper outlining reporting requirements for the federal plastics registry.

A press release noted that the intent behind the labeling rules is that they will help Canadians know how to dispose of products, improve the quality of recycled materials and protect the environment. 

The labeling rules would ban the use of the chasing arrows symbol and other recyclability claims unless 80% of Canadians in a province or territory have access to recycling systems that accept, sort and reprocess the items. The proposed rule would also prohibit the use of terms such as “degradable” or “biodegradable” and set minimum standards for products to be labeled “compostable.”

Steven Guilbeault, minister of environment and climate change, said in the press release that these changes will “help move Canada toward zero plastic waste.”

Stakeholders have until May 18 to provide feedback. 

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