Baled plastics for recycling.

News that the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) stated its support for beverage bottle deposit laws drew clicks last month. | Ultrasto / Shutterstock

A state policy development, an industry group’s evolving positions and a substantial facility investment caught reader attention in June.

The list below shows our top stories published in June in terms of unique page views.

1 | Packaging stewardship passes in both Oregon chambers
On June 25, the Oregon House of Representatives approved a bill establishing extended producer responsibility for packaging and overhauling the state’s recycling system. The bill cleared the Senate previously, and it now goes to the state’s governor for a signature.

2 | Lawmakers make moves on plastics recycling-related bills
Northeast states advanced extended producer responsibility and bottle deposit legislation, but California legislators failed to pass a ban on e-commerce plastic packaging.

3 | APR weighs in on three hot topics
The Association of Plastic Recyclers has published position statements on chemical recycling, the use of mass balance methodologies for post-consumer plastics, and bottle deposit programs.

4 | Why it’s ‘an exciting time’ in plastics recycling research
For one scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, moving the needle on plastic recovery is analogous to stopping the spread of COVID-19. In both cases, many minds must come together.

5 | Indorama invests over $50 million in Alabama RPET plant
Indorama Ventures Sustainable Solutions is spending significantly to more than double the size and flake-production capacity of its Alabama PET recycling plant, according to interviews and city documents.


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