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S&P Global Platts will now provide daily price assessments for an expanded range of recycled plastics. | Things / Shutterstock

After rolling out a recovered PET price tracking service last year, S&P Global Platts is now reporting prices for recovered HDPE, LDPE and PP.

S&P Global Platts will begin providing daily price assessments for recycled plastics in the U.S., Europe and Southeast Asia spot physical markets, according to a press release.

“Providing transparency to the key trading regions of these still-evolving markets is particularly important at a time when the supply of quality recycled plastics raw materials is presenting a key challenge and the nascent markets are increasingly in the consumer and legislative spotlights,” Ben Brooks, head of plastics recycling price reporting at S&P Global Platts, stated in the release.

The new assessments will cover recycled HDPE, LDPE and PP.

For HDPE, the company is launching three daily assessments of bales and pellets in the U.S., adding to the company’s existing recycled HDPE pricing reports in Europe and Asia. For PP, S&P Global Platts has launched two daily spot assessments for pellets in Northwest Europe. And for LDPE, the company has introduced its first daily Asia pricing report for pellets free on board (FOB).

S&P Global Platts started tracking recovered PET bale prices in the U.S. in April 2020, joining existing price tracking services, which provides Plastics Recycling Update with a monthly update on scrap plastic bale prices, and OPIS PetroChemWire.

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