Ice Mountain water distribution at Gleaners Mercado Food Hub Pantry in Detroit, Michigan. | Courtesy of BlueTriton Brands

BlueTriton Brands, formerly known as Nestlé Waters, announced that Ice Mountain products will be packaged using more recycled material.

Stamford, Conn.-based BlueTriton on May 11 stated that Ice Mountain 100% Natural Spring Water bottles are now being made from 100% PCR. This bottled water brand, available in the Midwest, joins five other BlueTriton regional bottled water products that already use 100% RPET.

One of the regional brands, Poland Spring, was the subject of several Nestlé Waters recycled content pledges in 2019.

Nestlé Waters North America became BlueTriton Brands in April, after parent company Nestlé S.A. sold the water division to private equity firm One Rock Capital Partners.

BlueTriton Brands has not shared a tonnage figure for how much recycled PET it uses across all its brands, but the company told Plastics Recycling Update the figure has increased markedly over the past two years.

“We more than doubled our use of RPET between 2019 and 2020, accelerating our efforts around using recycled plastic despite the challenges that came with the COVID-19 pandemic,” the company wrote in an email. “In December 2020, we reached 20% RPET across our U.S. portfolio.”

In conjunction with the recycled content announcement, BlueTriton launched the “One-for-One Campaign,” through which it will donate bottled water to communities in need.

BlueTriton noted that “for every person who pledges to recycle their bottle during the campaign, the regional spring water brands will donate a bottle of water back to that region.”

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