plastic cratesReaders displayed eclectic interests last month, clicking on stories about plastic theft, a virgin plastic company’s purchase of a reclaimer, updates on China and more.

The list below shows our top stories published in July in terms of unique page views.

1 | Guilty plea in plastic crate recycling scheme
A Michigan man who sold plastic crates for recycling instead of delivering them for reuse has pleaded guilty to federal felony charges.

2 | Prime producer deepens involvement in recycling
Virgin resin giant Borealis will purchase a European plastics reclaimer, the latest move by the prime plastics maker to extend its recycling presence.

3 | Breaking down recent China developments
The Chinese government has announced key policies in recent weeks, including a plan to ban all recovered material imports by 2020.

4 | Recycled-content wash-off bottle label unveiled
A global labels company has developed a PET bottle label that meets recyclability standards and is made with post-consumer plastic.

5 | Associations release guidelines for ‘recyclable’ claims
To be marketed as “recyclable,” which criteria should a product or packaging have to meet? Two major plastics recycling groups have announced the four conditions they believe should be met.

Photo credit: Suttipong Prangsuwan/Shutterstock