A tailor-made washing line from Georgia-based Lindner reSource America has at its core a combination of shredders and wash components, which ultimately convert post-consumer HDPE milk jugs into usable flake.

The HDPE jugs are fed by a chain conveyor into a Micromat Plus 2000 single-shaft shredder. In a press release, the company praised this shredder for its efficiency, noting the operator can combine different drive systems, rotors and blades in order to most productively process a specific material.

The shredder’s point blade rotor, 78 inches long and 22 inches in diameter, includes 104 blades, each 2.6-by-2.6 inches. The blades provide precision and allow for a high throughput, even with dirty material.

For convenience, the shredder includes a large inspection and maintenance flap allowing for replacement or adjustment of components.

A Lindner “Floater and Twister” friction washer is also included, removing label adhesive residue from the HDPE stream. A wet grinder allows reduction of flakes to a specified size.

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